If opportunity is refusing to knock,
maybe it's time to knock first...

Hope you're doing well. We, at AdCapitol, are ready to make 2020 the best year yet, and hope to help your company become even more successful than it was last year! We've paired some of our popular items up with market sectors you could try canvasing to:
♦ Amusement/Recreation
Car Dealers/Real Estate
Made in the U.S.A.
Sporting Events
Paint/Hardware Stores
Be on the lookout for our catalog and the packet of samples in the ESP Box. You can also view our catalog online here. Links to products below description.
. Amusement/Recreation .

With a large selection of novelty caps, pennants, quality totes, and shirts, AdCapitol has what you need to promote your park! You depend on selling souvenirs to make money - Let us help you maximize your profit margin by making your perfect keepsake!
Bandanas (Page 34), Capes (Page 11), Kat Hats (Page 22), Pennants (Page 31), Shirts (Page 15), Suspenders (Page 18), Tote Bags: Non-Woven (Page 4)
. Beauty/Fitness .

Whether you run a gym or a beauty salon, we have the right products for you! From gym bags to hair cutting capes , promote your business, and get more customers! We offer tasteful presentation with the price you can't resist.
Bouffant Cap (Page 21), Curling Iron Mitt (FA113), Drawstring Backpack (Page 4), Hair Cutting Cape (Page 11), Shirts (Page 15), Sleeping Mask (Page 18), SMART Tiers Athletic Apparel (Page 17)
. Car Dealers/Real Estate .

From the exclusive Star Shammy to the exclusive assortment of attention getting signs, AdCapitol knows how to get your customer's foot in the door! The pennant strings , shirts , tote bags , and hats broadcast your message creatively!
Car Dealers/Real Estate
Bandana Stick Flags (Page 30), Bib Aprons (Page 9), Car Flags (Page 30), Keychain Tape Measure (Page 23), Shammies (Page 31), String Pennants (Page 31), Vinyl Key Tag (Page 23)
. Clubs/Churches/Reunions .

Are you looking for that fundraising or charity item that embodies your message? We have the item for you! Prayer cloths , celluloid buttons , handheld flags , or shirts that efficiently convey your message is what your cause needs!
Bandanas (Page 34), Celluloid Buttons (Page 24), Hand Held Flags (Page 31), Prayer Cloths (Page 34), Safety Vests (Page 12), Shirts (Page 15)
. Corp./Finance/Insurance .

Repetition is the key to embedding your brand on the mind of the consumer. Our line of corporate gifts will keep your brand within arm’s reach of your patrons, ensuring their repeat business. Why hand out a boring business card when you can hand out something useful and inspired? Incentivize your employees with premium recognition awards!
Bank Bags (Page 5), Magnets (Page 24), Pens and Pencils (Page 23), Spandex Chair Covers (Page 28), Tablecloths (Page 26)
. Education/Giftshops .

Come to AdCapitol for tried-and-true gift items your school alumni or museum patrons!  Knick-knacks , novelty caps , pens/pencils , and flags make memorable tokens, perfect for gift shops or fundraisers.
Balsa Wood Glider (Page 25), Beannie (Page 22), Book Cover (Page 24), Celluloid Button (Page 24), Child Bib Aprons (Page 10), Child Waist Apron (Page 8), Painter Caps (Page 20), Pennants (Page 31), Scrunchies (Page 19), Triangle Bandana (Page 34)
. Environmental/Recycled .

You can help save the planet with our line of recycled and environmentally friendly bags! A plastic grocery bag can take 15 to 1,000 years to decompose. Every reusable bag you get into the marketplace can save hundreds of plastic grocery bags from ending up in landfills. Show that your company is the one that cares!
Custom Apparel , Recycled Bags (Page 4), Safety Vests (Page 12)
. Fire/Emergency/Police .

Make AdCapitol your one stop shop for public works signs, safety vests, and event shirts and totes.  Fire , Police , Sheriff , EMS , Crossing Guard , State Police and Security stock screens have no setup charge! Blank vests are available for immediate delivery. Use us for your military uniforms and our line of totes are a great idea for PX Shops.
Hoodies (Page 14), Safety Vests (Page 12, 13, 14)
. Health/Medical .

Just what the doctor ordered! Our wide selection of scrubs, surgical caps, bibs, and patient tote bags can’t be equaled. Our banners and tablecloths are a must for conferences and seminars. We provide the simple necessities that hospitals and doctor’s offices can’t go without!
Bibs (Page 11), Booties (Page 18), Diaper Bag (Page 3), Eyeglass Case (Page 6), Patient Gown (Page 18), Surgical Caps (Page 21), Walker Tote (Page 6)
. Hotels/Travel .

Grab the modern jetsetter’s attention with our array of globetrotting items. From garment bags to golf kits, to our array of travel bags, we have something for anyone, whether on holiday or a business trip. Our golf shirts make great souvenirs also!
Blankets (Page 35), Garment Bag (Page 6), Key-Sized Wrist Pouch (Page 6), Laundry Bags (Page 6), Mesh Tote Bags (Page 3), Pillowcase (Page 25), Roll Bags (Page 5), Sublimated Aprons (Page 9), USA Stick Flags (Page 33)
. Made in the U.S.A. .

Promote patriotic spending! National economic help starts at home. Over 100 years ago, our founders landed on Ellis Island . AdCapitol will make your Vision for 2020 flourish; custom manufacturing using technology, textile knowledge , flexibility , and constant dedication make the quality of your advertising image the best it can be.
Made in the U.S.A.
Custom Manufacturing
. Marketing/Tradeshows .

Getting your brand into your market’s hands is the name of the game! Whether you need something custom manufactured or a quick give-away for that upcoming tradeshow. Tablecloths , vinyl banners , signs and an array of give-aways make AdCapitol your number one tradeshow setup source!
Bandanas (Page 34), Cinch-Up Backpacks (Page 4), Full Color Backdrops (Page 28), Gusset Totes (Page 2), Shirts (Page 15), Small Book Tote (Page 2), Standard Totes (Page 4), Supported Vinyl Chair Cover (Page 28), Vinyl Banners (Page 29)
. Uniforms .

Check out AdCapitol ’s instant uniforms – from bib aprons to uniform t-shirts! We have what you need to make your business look professional and surpass the competition. Instantly gain employee loyalty while gaining consumer recognition!
Bib Aprons (Page 9), Denim Button-Up Shirts (Page 17), Grommet Apron (Page 9), Painter Caps (Page 20), Safety Vests (Page 12), Shirts (Page 15), Shop Apron (Page 9), Uniform Vests (Page 12), Waist Aprons (Page 8)
. Sporting Events .

Are you helping plan a sporting event? AdCapitol ’s assortment of sports-related commodities can help make your event not only break even, but be a financial success! Whether it’s selling ad space on uniforms or selling event mementos , we will make that crucial difference!
Sporting Events
Beer Jersey (Page 24), Bicycle Helmet Cover (Page 21), Caddy Smock (Page 9), Golf/Gatsby Cap (Page 21), Lanyards (Page 18), Mesh Shorts (Page 18), Padded Vinyl Seat (Page 28), Pennants (Page 31), Racing Bicycle Cap (Page 21), Roll Bag (Page 5), Runner Pinnies (Page 25)
. Paint/Hardware Stores .

Ensure repeat business by putting your company’s information in arm’s reach. Our assortment of tape measures , drop cloths , paint sticks , and carpenter pencils are perfect for store shelves or make the perfect reminder gift and give your company the competitive edge. Danger flags and other safety products are big sellers as well!
Paint/Hardware Stores
Box Cutter (Page 23), Danger Flags (Page 31/32), Dropcloth (Page 23), Nail Aprons (Page 8), Site Signs (Page 29), Tape Measure (Page 23), Yardsticks (Page 23)
. Restaurants .

Brand your restaurant and get recognition and brand loyalty! We offer oven mitts , glassware , napkins , and placemats that can give your restaurant that unique flair to make a long-lasting impression. You’ll be amazed at how we get things done!
BBQ Apron (Page 10), Chef Cap (Page 22), Food Service Apron (DA500), Mini Bib Apron (Page 24), Oven Mitt (Page 25), Paper Crown (Page 22), Pot Holders (Page 25), Tablecover (Page 26)