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Late Summer 2017
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Complimentary Consultations

Many people talk to Mom and note that they are considering doing upgrades to their homes and just don't know where to begin!  If this is your situation and you are not sure what to do, Mom would be happy to meet with you and share with you what are some of the latest trends in the market. 

Remember, this does not mean that you are ready to sell your home!  Just that you may want to enjoy some new updates while enjoying your home in Pelican Sound.  

Just give Mom a call and she would be happy to chat with you and share what are the current most popular updates and what will bring the highest returns if and when you decide to move on.  

Also, Mom has many contacts in the industry and happy to share them with you!

My Listings

My 2017 Sales

It's been a busy year!

20842 Pinehurst Greens Drive - $720,000

20864 Pinehurst Greens Drive - $630,000

4538 Pinehurst Greens Court - $750,000

20856 Gleneagles Links Drive - $525,000

20834 Gleneagles Links Drive - $590,000

4640 Gleneagles Links Court - $515,000

20851 Gleneagles Links Drive - $440,000

21731 Sound Way #202 - $455,000

21450 Pelican Sound Drive #201 - $485,000

21801 Palmetto Dunes Drive #202 - $455,000

21739 Sound Way #202 - $460,000

7881 Classics Court #202 - $465,000

21320 Pelican Sound Drive #102 - $420,000

20941 Island Sound #201 - $320,000

21531 Pelican Sound #201 - $327,500

21561 Pelican Sound #203 - $335,000

20915 Island Sound #202 - $320,000

20941 Island Sound #201 - $320,000

21730 Southern Hills #103 - Pending

21531 Pelican Sound Drive #201 - $327,500

21531 Pelican Suond Drive #102 - Pending

21251 Pelican Sound Drive - $328,500

20925 Island Sound #103 - $325,000

8251 Southern Hills Ct #102 - $324,000

20915 Island Sound Circle, #202 - $320,000

21501 Pelican Sound #102 - $307,500

20921 Island Sound #102 - 

20931 Island Sound #101 - $310,000

4690 Turnberry Lake Drive #402 - $255,000

20916 Island Sound #305 - $220,000

20940 Island Sound #402 - $240,000

20820 Hammock Greens #204 - $233,000

20820 Hammock Greens #303 - $229,500

4640 Turnberry #404 - $225,000

4620 Turnberry #103 - $210,000

20916 Island Sound #104 - $170,000

20918 Island Sound #103 - $230,000

20930 Island Sound #105 - Pending

20810 Hammock Greens #403 - Pending

If you are considering selling your lovely home, I would happy to speak with you!

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Hello Neighbors!

Summer is just about over and where did the time go?  It felt like just yesterday it was only May!  I truly hope that your summer was enjoyable, and am looking forward to another wonderful season here at Pelican Sound!

Renovation Time...Yikes!
Everyone is talking about renovations and I thought it was time to step up to the plate and practice what I preach!  So, I took on the task of renovating our master bathroom.  I had the choice of coordinating everything myself or having a general contractor do the job.  When I looked at both possibilities, I chose to coordinate everything myself.  While it was a very successful renovation, look at all of the details to make sure you will make the correct choice.  I admit that I had a few surprises along the way and a few more grey hairs, but loved the challenge!

Here are a few tips that I am happy to share with you, now that I have completed my project:

First and foremost - licensed and insured contractors.  Make sure to ask to see their license for their proper trades and that they have proper insurance.  The last thing you need is for someone to be injured and then have them sue you for damages.

Shop around - I spoke with three different plumbers and the price range was interesting.  I had quotes that varied over 50%.  This also is important for cabinetry, granite, etc.  The least expensive is not always the best, but knowledge is power and along the way you will find a few details to add to the renovation.

Compatibility - can you communicate effectively with the trade persons that you are hiring?  If the answer is no, walk away as it truly will not get any better when the honeymoon is over!

References - It was a little embarrassing to ask for references, but it works.  In the long run, I learned more about my contractors and that provided me with a greater sense of security.

Get it in writing - Ok, he is a nice guy but put it in writing and make sure that you are getting everything that you need.  A detailed quote/contract should not be an issue for any of your contractors. 

Cabinetry - ask for a layout and make sure that all details (down to the position of the handles) are right where you want them before the process begins.

Changes are inevitable - in the perfect world, everything would go as planned.  However, renovations are not perfect and just be ready to compromise along the way!

Details - renovating and coordinating all trades is like a fast dance!  If you like to dance slow, don't do it yourself!

Or....just hire a general may sleep a little more!!

Brokers From Outside Pelican Sound...Are They Effective?

In Pelican Sound we do see listings from Realtors that do not actively sell within our community.  This is normally the result of owners purchasing outside of Pelican Sound and then using the same Realtor that sold them a property in a new community to list their property here in Pelican Sound.  However, can that Realtor effective sell their property in Pelican Sound?
For those of you that know me, I just love the numbers and they always tell the truth.  So here are the results:
For 2017 to-date there have been 54 listings sold in Pelican Sound thru Multiple Listing Service

Outside Realtors:
  • 13 of those 2017 listings were listed by 12 different Realtors
  • The average selling price was 91.43% of the original listing price
  • The average days on the market was 166 days
  • Only 1 Realtor sold their own listing and depended on others to sell them for them
Realtors That Work Primarily in Pelican Sound:

  • 41 of the 54 listings were listed by a total of 4 different Realtors - 26 of which were my listings
  • The average selling price was 94.36% of the original listing price - my average is 95.10%
  • The average days on the market was 160 days - my average is 154 days
So what does this mean?  The average selling price year-to-date in Pelican Sound for 2017 is $389,643 and at a 3% difference in average selling price, owners that worked with Realtors that specialize in Pelican Sound can increase the return on their investment by $11,690. 

Realtors that represent sales in Pelican Sound on a regular basis know how to present the community have a more complete understanding of, in my opinion, past sales history, features of comparable sales, and how to position properties for selling at the highest and best price.  Also, with the new enhancements being done to the Golf Clubhouse and new Racquet Center, local knowledge will be a distinct advantage for those of us that represent Pelican Sound on a regular basis.

Websites Updated!
I feel like I am back in school and the question always was: "What did you do for your summer vacation?"  Well, I was certainly not on vacation but summer is the slowest season of the year! 

This year I took the opportunity to update my websites  and  It was time to give them a fresh look and to provide you with access to new technology when you are looking for information.  You can even register to get new listing alerts for new properties as they come to the market in Pelican Sound or any other community that you may have an interest in.  

Check them out and let me know what you think or if you would like to see any additional information included.  I hope that you find them useful!

I look forward to seeing you at Pelican Sound!