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Summer 2015
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Ali's Corner

Who is Watching Your House?

So you are only away for a few months of the season, or maybe a few weeks.  Do you really need a homewatch person?  The answer is a definite yes!  Water and humidity are our biggest fears at all times and especially when you are not in town.

Mom recently went into some of her clients homes and they had issues.  It was very lucky for them that she appeared at the correct time.  What would have happened if she had not arrived? makes me shake all over!! 
My Listings

I have some fabulous listings and would be happy to show them to you!  Call for an appointment today!


4620 Turnberry Lake Drive, #103 - $219,500

4690 Turnberry Lake Drive, #204 - $248,500

20810 Hammock Greens, #303 - $229,000

20810 Hammock Greens, #403 - $239,900

20840 Hammock Greens, #203 - $244,800

20930 Island Sound, #402 - $238,500

20930 Island Sound, #105 - $209,000

First Floor Coach Homes

20935 Island Sound, #101 - $335,000

21231 Pelican Sound Drive, #102 - $324,500

21341 Pelican Sound Drive, #101 - $327,000

21361 Pelican Sound Drive, #101 - $325,000

Second Floor Coach Homes

20941 Island Sound #202 - $330,000

8251 Southern Hills Circle, #203 - $335,000

Second Floor Carriage Home

21420 Pelican Sound Drive #202 - $469,000

Call me today for additional information and also check them out on my website!!

My 2017 Sales

20842 Pinehurst Greens Drive - $720,000

20864 Pinehurst Greens Drive - $630,000

4538 Pinehurst Greens Court - $750,000

20856 Gleneagles Links Drive - Pending

20834 Gleneagles Links Drive - $590,000

4640 Gleneagles Links Court - $515,000

20851 Gleneagles Links Drive - $440,000

21731 Sound Way #202 - $455,000

21450 Pelican Sound Drive #201 - $485,000

21801 Palmetto Dunes Drive #202 - $455,000

21739 Sound Way #202 - Pending

7881 Classics Court #202 - $465,000

21320 Pelican Sound Drive #102 - $420,000

20941 Island Sound #201 - $320,000

21531 Pelican Sound #201 - $327,500

21561 Pelican Sound #203 - $335,000

20915 Island Sound #202 - $320,000

21730 Southern Hills #103 - Pending

21531 Pelican Sound Drive #102 - Pending

21251 Pelican Sound Drive - Pending

20925 Island Sound #103 - $325,000

8251 Southern Hills Ct #102 - $324,000

21501 Pelican Sound #102 - $307,500

20921 Island Sound #102 - 

20931 Island Sound #101 - $310,000

4690 Turnberry Lake Drive #402 - $255,000

20916 Island Sound #305 - $220,000

20940 Island Sound #402 - $240,000

20820 Hammock Greens #204 - $233,000

20820 Hammock Greens #303 - $229,500

4640 Turnberry #404 - $225,000

20916 Island Sound #104 - $170,000

20918 Island Sound #103 - $230,000

Whose home will be next?   

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Hello Neighbors!

Summer is here and the rainy season has arrived.  It is a true joy to see water in the lakes and the gardens are all growing like little weeds.  With the rainy season here and with many owners are away, I thought I would take this newsletter and dedicate it to the summer season!

Air Conditioner Maintenance
Recently I have had three clients that have had issues with their air conditioners during the summer months when they are not here.  It is important during this humid and rainy season to make sure to have your air conditioner serviced at least two times per year and it would be great to have it done just prior to your leaving town especially if you are a seasonal resident.  

If you have left is not too late!  I encourage you to contact your air conditioner company and make sure that your drain lines are clear and all is well.  The $100 investment is much better to make now instead of paying thousands to have mold remediation done.
Home Emergencies Happen!
Home emergencies happen and are you ready?  Do you realize that when hose bibs break, there is not shut off valve for them?  There is nothing like a firsthand experience with an emergency in my own home to make me become more aware.  

I usually handle coordinating repairs on our single family home, but unfortunately I was not home and was unavailable.  We had an outside hose bib connection that broke and it only pumps out 5 gallons of water a minute!  Howard, my husband, happened to notice that there was an issue when he walked into the den room and the carpet was soaking wet!!!  So, who should he call and that is the question?

As they say, knowledge is power.  We all have our lists of contacts for medical emergencies (hopefully) but I would also suggest having a list of telephone numbers for home emergencies.  They should include a plumber, electrician, power company, home watch person, management company for the association you live in, and insurance company.  Keep them close to your telephone so you can have immediate access during an emergency.

Lastly, make sure that everyone knows where your main water shutoff and electrical panel is located!  Hope this is helpful for you because I surely needed it for my husband!!

Who Says Properties Do Not Sell in the Summer Time?
Many Realtors suggest that if you are planning to sell your residence in Pelican Sound to hold off and put it on the market in the fall.  I happen to disagree with that as it seems that one-half of the properties sell within the first four months of the year, January thru April.  However, the other one-half of the properties sell between May and December.

So, how are we doing this year?  Since May, 2017 eleven properties have gone under contract.  What type of properties are they?  A good mix:

Sales Since May 1st:     11 Total (3 of them my listings)
2 Condos
4 First Floor Coach Homes
1 Second Floor Coach Home
1 First Floor Carriage Home
2 Second Floor Carriage Homes
4 Single Family Homes

How does this compare to sales from January thru the end of April?  

Sales January until end of April:
                                        45 Total (30 of them my listings)
                                       11 Condos         
                                       10 First Floor Coach Homes
                                         5 Second Floor Coach Homes
                                         4 First Floor Carriage Homes
                                         7 Second Floor Carriage Homes
                                         8 Single Family Homes

To summarize, with 47 days we have put 11 properties under market.  We only need to sell another 34 homes within the next 198 days and that seems very likely. 

Why wait!  Call me today and let us develop an action plan for your property!
Are you Considering Selling Your Home?

I have clients searching for various styles of properties in Pelican Sound.  If you are considering putting your home on the market, I would be happy to meet with you!

Why wait for Fall?

I look forward to seeing you at Pelican Sound!