Why selling this fall may be your best move?
The trend to leave Silicon Valley for greener pastures and lower prices is on the rise. Retirees are moving as are high income earners that find they can do their work for similar money elsewhere like Seattle, Portland and Denver and appreciate the lower cost of housing. The attractiveness of lower property states like Nevada is also drawing retirees where .69% per year is far less than our 1.25% per year. Although there is discussion to increase the number of counties that have reciprocal tax rates with Santa Clara (Proposition 60 and 90) , currently the number has actually dwindled making purchases in other states more attractive.
Currently real estate inventory is still low but that trend is reversing as we near winter and buying activity quiets down. The condo market is definitely under pressure as that inventory rises over all despite the trend for millenials to choose newer housing and convenience over back yards and pools. The shift away from urban life style to suburban as living quarters are more constrained and outdoor city activity more difficult continues due to COVID which stubbornly is not leaving. Fortunately treatment options for the fortunate are improving despite high number of new cases. Rental income is threatened after renters who are really hit by the economy are refusing to move and can stay free of charge with courts backlogged or closed and evictions costly difficult and unlikely for the near future. The over joyed stock investors during COVID may be looking at some changes in their current portfolio since the dramatic volatility Sept/Oct 2020.
What does this mean for sellers ? Take a hard look at your real estate investments and consider moving into a stronger cash position going forward. Capitalize on the vibrant market of Fall 2020 and avoid the pitfalls of an uncertain 2021. Call me today to assist you to look at your real estate portfolio and open doors for other opportunities. Is this the time to sell your home?

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A California Highway Patrolman pulls over a speeding motorist. He walks up to the window, and says
“Can I see your real estate license, please?”
The driver responds “Don’t you mean my driver’s license?”
“No,” says the patrolman. “Not everyone in California has one of those.”

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