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Welcome, Trent Hendricks!
The newest member of AGA's board, Trent Hendricks, has been appointed treasurer. His ranch,  Cabriejo Ranch, produces commercial grassfed beef, lamb, and pork. Hendricks also owns Cabriejo Creamery, a goat dairy operation and producer of award-winning cheeses. The ranch is CCOF Certified, nonGMO Project Verified, and AGA Grassfed certified. The ranch follows holistic land and livestock management practices promoted by the Savory Institute.

Hendricks said, "As the new treasurer for AGA, I am excited to jump right in and support ways to strengthen and grow our association and create additional demand for grassfed products with the AGA seal. 

"We look forward to your feedback and creative suggestions on ways help the individual producer achieve their own goals as well as raise awareness and education with consumers and retailers. The interest in and demand for our products has never been greater, and that's fantastic, however there are products in the market place that do not meet the standards of AGA, and we need to clarify the distinction. We need to pull together to ensure our seal and producers receive the recognition and distinction you deserve. We are excited about current projects and our future. I invite your thoughts and suggestions."

You may email him here

Are You A Grassfed Dairy? Get AGA Certified!
AGA is now accepting membership applications from grassfed dairy producers interested in becoming AGA certified. 

The process is simple. Once you have reviewed the standards, join AGA at the producer level, and then we'll explain how the inspection process works. You must become a member BEFORE you schedule your inspection or send us inspection forms. 

Visit the AGA website to download the membership application and the dairy standards HERE, or email us with questions. 

TAKE ACTION: Join OCM in fighting for fair practices
The USDA's Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) has again delayed the implementation of the fair practices rule that would strengthen the Packers & Stockyards Act and reduce the burden for family farmers and ranchers who are harmed by a meat packing or processing company's anti-competitive and unfair practices. We all need to TAKE ACTION. 

Please copy the below comment, paste it into the comment form at the  Federal Register, and follow the prompts to post your comment. 

Here is the sample comment:

I am commenting in regard to 9 CFR Part 201, Federal Register Number 2017-07361, posted on April 12, 2017. I urge you to allow the Interim Final Rule (IFR) to become effective. This much-needed marketplace safeguard would help level the playing field for family farmers, ensuring they have the opportunity to feed us here at home and to compete in the global market.

Please take action nowAfter you have posted your comment, please help OCM spread the word by forwarding this email to your contacts and sharing OCM's  action alert  on social media. 

Track the Grassfed Market with AGA and SPINS
American Grassfed Association is partnering with SPINS to gain an understanding of the growth of grassfed on a national level and to provide real data to our producers about potential growth opportunities.
Grassfed is one of the fastest growing segments in the market, yet many of the products labeled "grassfed" are not truly grassfed. This abuse of the grassfed label leads to inflated and inaccurate estimates of market growth, in addition to confusing consumers and eroding market share from producers selling true grassfed products. 

SPINS is a comprehensive, cross-channel reporting source that provides businesses with the information they need to boost sales. It tracks targeted products such as grassfed meats and dairy within the natural and specialty grocery markets as well as mass markets including Walmart and Target.

When you list your product UPC codes with SPINS, you'll receive reports on where your products are selling, which are in greatest demand, and where there is room for growth. In addition, you'll help AGA develop accurate grassfed market statistics that will help all producers understand where current and future market opportunities lie.  SPINS tracking information gives retailers, producers, and other industry leaders insights into consumer demand. 

If you're interested in listing your products in the  SPINS database, or if you have questions about the program, please email Alaina Menez.

Don't forget to get your re-audit every 15 months!
Just a friendly reminder to all our producers to make sure and schedule your re-audit before your certification expires!  Check your certificate for the expiration date.  Remember, the audit is conducted every 15 months!   Email us with any questions or if you need help with your re-audit and certification renewal.
Visit the AGA Marketplace to connect with AGA producers, find AGA certified products, and create posts for items wanted, available, or up for trade!  Your one stop shop for all things AGA Certified!  
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