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The markets continued their upward drift these past couple of weeks, with the TSX in particular enjoying a record close earlier this week, and the S&P 500 up as well during the same period.

Notably, oil prices have risen sharply, though this incline is due more to geopolitical factors than any significant changes in the supply and demand balance. 

As I mentioned last week, when markets are up, gold tends to be down-----  and these past few weeks were no exception.


"What is surprising is not the magnitude of our forecast errors, but our absence of awareness of it."

-----  Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan


Well, I know what's been on top of everybody's minds: Where the heck is Matt

Well, if you're reading this on Thursday, Tanya and I are visiting the Falkland Islands, having tea and making friends with some penguins. 

Tomorrow, we'll be sailing by Cape Horn, then cruising through Glacier Alley on Saturday. Hope you have all been keeping well!


Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse:  A short book about one man's spiritual journey during the time of the Guatama Buddha. 

Why Jay Leno has never touched a dime of his 'Tonight Show' money by Kathleen Elkins:  Say what you will about Jay Leno, he has a very smart philosophy when it comes to his money.

Life Is Short by Paul Graham:  A great reminder of what is important-----  and not important-----  in life.

My Philosophy for a Happy Life by Sam Berns:  A wonderful video to remind us that a good attitude is sometimes the most important part of living a happy life!

These Five Cognitive Biases Hurt Investors the Most by Visual Capitalist: Most of the mistakes investors make are psychological----  this infographic illustrates the five that affect investors the most.

Econ Talk - Benedict Evans on the Future of Cars: An interesting conversation with Benedict Evans on the future of cars. A big part of the discussion covers the many possible (and probable) repercussions autonomous cars will have on the way we live our societies in general.



Former Blue Jays ace pitcher Roy Halladay passed away in a plane crash Tuesday. He'll be remembered for his skill, generosity, and ability to make his teammates smile.

Matthew Lekushoff

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