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Madai Snapper : Pagrus major is a farmed sea bream from Japan that is making its way onto menus here in the United States. This prized sashimi quality fish is excellent for any raw applications such as crudo, ceviche, and sushi, but let's not forget this fish is excellent cooked as well. The whole fish is in the 3-5# range, and the skin is edible, making this a great fish to grill. We are bringing in a few cases a week, so call early for the best selection. If you want to make this a regular item on your menu, please let me know as we order a week in advance. The flesh is light with a pinkish tinge and cooks up white. Madai is regarded as one of Japan's most delicate fish and is often served at high-level celebratory dinners. The Madai is farm-raised on Japan's West Coast in open water pens.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout: Oncorhynchus Mykiss The Island State of Tasmania on the Southern side of Australia produces some of the finest ocean trout around, and we have it. Petunia brand of Ocean Trout comes from the Macquarie Harbor on Tasmania's Westside, the harbor is fed by the Franklin-Gordon River and feeds into the Southern Indian Ocean, whose cold waters flow up from Antarctica. Petuna is vertically integrated, rearing the fish from egg to full-sized fish before sending them off to us for your enjoyment. We are bringing in a few cases a week, which are gaining popularity each week — the whole fish range from 6-9# with fillets in the 1.5-3# range.

American Red Snapper: Lutjanus campechanus is a fish I have talked about over and over again. There is an excellent reason for this, and that is because it is one of the best tasting, and one of the most versatile fish we offer. The current fish in house are coming to us from New Orleans, Louisiana, and are in the 4-10# range. The brilliant red skin and opaque flesh of the American Red Snapper make this fish highly recognizable, and one taste and you will know why this fish is high on many people's list of favorite fish.  

Kampachi: Seriola rivoliana is another farm-raised fish gaining a niche market here in the DC area. Coming to us from the Baja on Mexico's Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, the kampachi is in the 4-7# range (2-2.4kg) and are likened by many for the high oil content and rich flavor. This fish is excellent in any raw form like crudo or sushi applications, but also excellent cooked with a light buttery taste. We are bringing in shipments direct from the farm twice a week to guarantee freshness.  

Other fish available:

Golden Tile from Barnegat Light, NJ

Red Grouper from Tampa, FL

Mahi Mahi from Ecuador

Lane Snapper from Nicaragua
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