Marketing Boot Camp
Sadly, adults don’t get to take time off for summer camp. But you can take advantage of these last lazy days of summer to make sure your company is in “fighting shape” for a busier fall.

That’s right: It’s Marketing Boot Camp.

That might sound intimidating, but it really just means rounding up your team for an honest assessment of where your company stands with its marketing goals.

Ask questions like:

  • Are you on-target to meet your goals?
  • Is your budget aligned for this fiscal year? Why or why not?
  • What would inspire even better team morale? (This one can be fun!)
  • What is the status of current and ongoing projects? What still needs to be done?

To truly break free of your normal routine, consider taking this meetup offsite. That could be a picnic in the park, or--because hey, it’s hot outside--somewhere like a nice, air-conditioned bowling alley. 

When you’ve got yourself organized for the season ahead, feel free to reach out to Mad 4 Marketing. We’re happy to help turn those plans into your profit. It’s always inspirational for teams to see their ideas come to life--and feel like they’re playing a part. 
Mad 4 Our Clients

We are excited to share that we will be working even more with Suntex Marinas to support their five California marina locations in addition to the 14 Florida Suntex Marinas we've been providing marketing support for since 2017.
We've already been making waves to promote their slip leases, boat rentals, and house boat vacations through multiple digital marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, and email.
Mad 4 Our Community

Laura Pierson was excited to lead a service project at Children's Harbor, a foster home community in Pembroke Pines on Saturday August 3rd. 
The day included 40 volunteers, some landscaping to beautify the campus and a cookout, complete with bounce house, slip 'n slide, and snow cone machine for the kids who live in this amazing facility. A special shout out to Martin Fox of Showtime Landscaping for help with planning and materials!

To learn more about Children's Harbor, check out .
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