Audiencentral Marketing Tips During Covid-19

What can I say? None of us asked for this, expected this or planned for this. 
So, what do we do? We use the trendy word, “PIVOT,” and change strategy. Every day, it is becoming very clear how much we will have to adjust over the next 6, 12 and/or 18 months to adapt our business in the COVID-19 world. We are past the denial phase and it’s time to act!  
I have been following the marketing/digital media world closely and wanted to share some thoughts. The consensus is to view this time as an opportunity. Do you need to change business strategy? Restructure? Prepare for new Covid-19 world messaging? Evaluate and act. 
Marketing Tips to (Hopefully) Stay Profitable during Covid-19
Double Down on Digital Media
I get it, we are all scared and fear the unknown. I urge you not to be one of those companies who questions marketing and advertising. With the economy starting to slowing open back up, right now is the best time to double down to capture more of the market share. During 2008/2009, we saw the same thing and the companies who stayed in the game survived. Not only did they survive, they thrived during a challenging time and found the opportunity to grow. Grow your SEO, be there with SEM when the user searches. Currently there is a 30% increase with online engagement, and in some business categories the CPC is lower than ever.
Get Social, Even More Than Ever  
I am sure you can relate when I say…not much is going on outside of the home. I am sure you have noticed people are on social media more than ever. That’s why now is a great time to start or increase your social media content. Talk to your community through your social channels. More than just talking at them, start a dialogue and use these challenging times to truly engage your community in honest conversations about what you’re doing to support them and how you’re working towards business as usual. Get creative, and think outside of the box. Remember, this is our new norm and we have to “pivot.”
Other Marketing Thoughts
  1. Are you emailing your clients? Now is the time to increase your database and talk to your clients while providing value and reason?
  2. Are you cross promoting with anyone? List 10 potential partners and reach out to them?
  3. Are you connecting on social media groups as there are so many discussions happening around promoting local business and sharing ideas?
  4. Do you have a plan in general for the next 3 months, 6 months and so forth?
Audiencentral. Contact Us.
We all have to figure this out together.  I’m a phone call away if you want to brainstorm your marketing plan and I thrive on helping people succeed.  
Personally speaking, we are a small business too. At first, our heads were in the sand, but now…we are ready to take on this new world and I am inspired even more. I keep reminding myself the stages. Fear (then) Curiosity (then) OPPORTUNITY. We will persevere and fight for our business.
Julie Stewart

* Local marketing is important because it drives local traffic to your business.  People want to shop local more than ever now.  Be there. *