Do You Feel the Love?

This month is all about love. But Valentine’s Day is more than a holiday for romantics. It’s a chance to show your friends and family that they are loved. It’s also a chance to practice self-love. And it’s absolutely an opportunity to consider ways to infuse love into every aspect of your work, including your relationships with colleagues and your appreciation for customers.

But here’s an important question: Do you feel the love in return?

This is an important question when it comes to relationship marketing. How can you tell that the effort and care you put into your work is being well-received? Can you be sure that your clients and customers are responding with an equal amount of appreciation, making your work worthwhile?

Here are a few great ways to check in with them:

  • Engage! Obviously it helps to spend more time communicating with your audience. But follower count, comments, or visitors to your website aren’t necessarily enough. Real engagement is a two-way effort, and the more you find yourself in dialogue with your customers and clients, the clearer it will become if you’ve got something superficial or something more meaningful going on.

  • Share! You’re likely to receive more love, more obviously, if you start by expressing it first. Thank your customers for their purchases, make posts just to express gratitude, and think of offers, sales, and special ways to show your love for your most loyal partners, shoppers, and supporters.

  • Test! Love is almost never more apparent than when it’s absent. You can make changes to your marketing approach and see if responses change in return. Do people go quiet when you stop offering discounts? Are there better or worse ways to gain followers, subscribers, or engagement? A/B testing and regimented strategies can help you find out what people really respond to—or don’t.

  • Ask! Yes, it feels vulnerable to ask if someone loves you. But you’ll also get better clarity than almost any other method. Find ways to connect directly with your audience and ask them what they think about your brand.

Then, if you want to consider how to turn that love into even stronger relationships, and help those relationships connect customers and clients with even more of the products and services they’re seeking, we’d love to help.
Mad 4 Our Clients
Research is a large part of our branding project with Sarasota County Area Transit. A quick trip to the west coast gave us the opportunity to meet and get feedback from some of the bus drivers and supervisors at SCAT. This was just one of the methods we have used to gather information to inform the new brand for this client.
Mad 4 Our Team
We are happy to welcome our newest Social Media Manager, Brandon James! Brandon brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of sectors within the marketing field. He has a B.A in Public Relations from The University of West Florida and an M.A. in Strategic Communications from Troy University. With over 6 years experience, Brandon is an efficient strategist using analytics and marketing tools to achieve the goals of clients. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is also an avid Marvel fan!
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