One day of expressing our thanks for one another is simply not enough. Because of Thanksgiving, November is typically considered the month to reflect on our successes, privileges, triumphs, and good fortunes from throughout the entire calendar year—and share thanks with those who got us here. 

We’re willing to take it one step further and propose that we all dedicate an entire season to showing gratitude to those who make our lives a little easier, a lot better, and way more fun.

At Mad 4 Marketing, we are fortunate that our list of things to be thankful for is very long. It starts with our amazing team, includes a deep roster of incredible clients, and extends to our families, friends, and the many collaborators who have supported us and ensured our success for three decades this year! We are always grateful; this is just the moment to pause and reflect and express our thanks once again.

Here are a few of the traditional ways to show your love and gratitude—as well as a few outside-of-the-box options, too, because we just can’t help but get a little creative!

1- Gifts: Everyone loves getting a gift. But thoughtful gifts are better than generic or overpriced gifts (the latter can look more like showing off or expecting something in return than a genuine act). We like to learn what people are interested in throughout the year, then keep an eye out for opportunities to surprise them anytime, not just during holidays.

2- Words: If you think it, say it! Always take the time to express your appreciation to those you care about. Although we endorse a season of practicing thanks, you don’t need a reason or a season to make sure people know when you’re happy to have them around.

3- Acts: If you’re not a big gift-giver and feel a little awkward about constantly thanking people for all they do in your personal or professional life, find little ways to show it, like offering assistance, advice, and similar acts that make their lives easier, too. Picking up an order from the printers or dropping off someone at the airport are huge demonstrations of thanks!

4- Time: This is one of the most precious resources we have to offer, and making it available to those around you will always make them feel valued. That can mean inviting them on a walk or offering to sit in and take notes at a meeting for them. It can be organizing tasks so that they’re as efficient as possible, demonstrating respect for their time by investing more of your own.

5- Specificity: When you’re showing thanks, be as specific as possible about what it is you appreciate. Show that you listen, notice, pay attention, and fully appreciate what goes into the effort, act, or relationship, and express why that’s meaningful to you. People love to feel fully seen, fully recognized, and it makes every thanks that much more special!

What are you thankful for this season? How will you make sure everyone knows it?
Mad 4 Our Clients
We are excited to welcome our new client, Closing Attorney Support, Inc. (CASi), to the M4M family.

We have been busy at work designing their new logo and developing a slogan and strong messaging that we will be incorporating into their website and collateral next.
We hope your Halloween was full of good times and good treats!

This year our office fur babies decided to go as themselves; King Charles and a Weiner (dog)! 

Did you celebrate with your fur-monsters? Follow us on social media and DM us a photo for a chance to be shouted out on our story!
Laura and Monica attended one of our favorite events, The Army of Stars Ambassador Luncheon & Fashion Show!

We are proud to have an amazing, community-focused client like The Salvation Army, who is committed to "Doing the Most Good."
In October (and on Wednesdays) we wear pink- to honor survivors, remember those lost to the disease, and support the fight against breast cancer.
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