Forget the Groundhog - We Need to Escape Our Own Shadows, First!

February is all about Punxsutawney Phil and whether he sees his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter. Frankly, that has never bothered us all that much here in sunny South Florida! But it’s one of the more fun and frivolous national traditions, and it’s one way to pass the time until Valentine’s Day!

That said…before we can truly love ourselves… or the work that we do… it’s important to get out of our own way. In other words, we need to step out of our own shadows.

What does that mean for marketers?

  1. Let Go of the Past — That Means Losses and Wins! Some people are haunted by past mistakes. Like the jingle that wasn’t quite as catchy as you’d hoped or the partnership that didn’t pay off. On the other hand, some people are haunted by their wins, like a once-in-a-lifetime award or a brilliant idea they fear they’ll never replicate. Anything that’s holding you back needs to be left in the rearview mirror this year. A clean slate is the only way to give yourself enough grace to do your very best in this exact moment. 
  2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. One thing that we see all the time is a client that says, “We wish we could do what Nike does” or “We want to do exactly what our rival did, if you can just do it slightly differently for us.” Whether you’re looking to global brands or the guy next store, and whether you’re hoping for inspiration or cautionary tales, it’s simply not as useful as looking to your own strengths and weaknesses, business goals, and heartfelt desires. We love the “blue sky” approach to marketing, where we slowly introduce boundaries and set objectives based on your personalized needs, timelines, talents, audience, and other custom perimeters. Gradually, with a touch of personality and creativity, you get to something that’s wholly “you” — not “that other guy, but different.”
  3. Take Risks. Every now and then, it’s important to take risks and make bold moves. There’s only so far anyone can get by playing it safe. Of course, when you take those risks, it’s key to identify your objectives, choose how you’ll measure success, and track your progress along the way. These are guardrails that can protect you while allowing you to go bolder than you ever have before. Tiny adjustments keep you on track and guide you toward acquiring helpful data, experimenting with new ideas, driving revenue, and exploring opportunities. If not you, then who? If not now, when? And if that scares you, then let’s find out why. Let’s start the conversation — that’s a bold move, too. 

We hope this month brings hints of an early spring to our friends, customers, and clients across the United States. We would be thrilled to help you make some bold moves with your forthcoming marketing plans, whether it’s a new campaign, a revised strategy, or adding a new platform to your digital marketing mix. Let’s seize the day, together, and step into the light!

Meet With Our Team

We are so excited to be working with one of our newest clients, LAN Infotech. This experienced IT firm is very involved and well-known in the South Florida community, and you may have seen their ads on the ice during the Florida Panther Hockey games! Keep an eye out for more campaigns from this great team as we support their website, social media, and other marketing initiatives.

Last month, Mad 4 Marketing partnered with Avenue of the Arts, a visual arts festival that occurs during the Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week. We supported them by providing a stunning array of pro-bono graphics that they used to promote both the festival and some of the artists who had their artwork displayed.

The festival takes place in Fort Lauderdale's historic Sistrunk neighborhood and features an amazing lineup of local and international artists, live mural paintings, events, chalk art, activities for kids, and more.

Our team member Marie was able to attend the festival and captured these pictures of some of the beautiful art installations, which are only just a small snippet of all the outstanding work showcased there. Make sure to add this event to your bucket list if you find yourself in Fort Lauderdale next January!

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