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This month, we are uncovering four very important trends that we see emerging this year in the world of marketing. Related to this topic, we also investigate the ever-evolving role of the Chief Marketing Officer and the part he or she plays in increasing a campaign's success. Also, we offer some "must reads" for business professionals and leaders.
Lastly, at Shugoll Research, we have always understood the power of art to change lives. Read below to learn more about ArtSpeak!, an education program we created and continue to produce.
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4 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Last year ended with a few indicators as to where we were headed in 2018. Here are four trends that deserve close watch to see how marketing develops this year.

Leaders are Readers

Are you hoping to climb to the top in your industry? In this article, we recommend eight "must reads" to increase your business acumen and begin your climb to the top.

Top 5 Tips for CMOs in 2018

Here are five areas of focus for CMOs to lead th eir company's marketing efforts in 2018 to help increase chances of campaign success, including takeaway tips for each of the five areas outlined.
Shugoll Research has always understood the power of art to change lives. As such, we decided that our major corporate cause would be the arts and arts education, and we’ve been supporting that cause in a variety of ways over the last 20 years.

ArtSpeak! is a free program for students that brings performing artists to Washington, D.C. area schools to raise interest in and awareness of theater and the arts. We are very proud of this arts education program we created and continue to produce, and the impact is has on youth in the DC Metro region.

To learn more, visit the ArtSpeak! website today!
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