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Feb. 3, 2015 

With all the excitement of a new year, January tends to blow by in a bit of a blur. Luckily, once February arrives, we fall into a groove. 

Our Big Kids Club classes are running from 1 - 4pm every afternoon, but next Monday, Jen gets a bit of a break from teaching. Buddings is closed for stat holidays, and the first one of the year is Family Day, on Feb. 9.

Science and Nature club takes a week off, but Jen puts on her Program Coordinator's hat, and is getting the excitement bubbling for our Preschoolers' program this winter. If you haven't received photos, or updates about your child's Big Kids Club fieldtrips and program updates, it can only mean you haven't signed them up! 

It's not too late!

The season runs until the end of March, with tonnes of trips and outings all over town. This Thursday, Sarah and the Big Kids are heading out to Kidsbooks for an alphabet adventure!

Phew... we need a marketing assistant...

Denet will be in the house on Friday for her volunteer shift, and if you've been wondering what the word is on that situation, you're not alone. There's an update below, though the information is hardly enlightening. 

Patience, friends. These things take time.

Find the details below! 

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February News
Fieldtrip on Thursday and Family Day next week!

It's come around again, and next Monday is BC's second annual statutory celebration of being with your family. 

Don't forget, on Feb. 9, Buddings will be closed. Jen's Science and Nature class will meet again on Feb. 16, when they get together for an exploration of colour!

B ut before the weekend arrives, Sarah and the kids have a trip to Vancouver's own Kidsbooks, on West Broadway. The store is all about the love of reading, and it's a great spot for another of Sarah's alphabet adventures. (Their trip to the downtown library last week gave them a taste for travel, as well.)

Thursdays at Big Kids Club is much more than A, B, Cs! It's about instilling a lifelong love of reading, through sharing stories, fieldtrips, group activities and more. The class runs until the end of March, and it's open to Big Kids of all ages. Visit Sarah's page to find out more.  

Kidsbooks might be closed on Family Day, but reading with children is still a great way to spend time together. Looking for some great reads for your toddler or preschooler? Send Sarah an email for the list of what she's reading with the kids this month.
Buddings is looking for an ECE/Marketing Intern - With a paid position available!

We've been waiting for word for a while, and in the meantime, the new year is upon us! 

New families, new programs, and soon, a new addition to Jen's budding family! We need a new teacher and we're looking to train a great candidate for a long-term position. 

If you're currently studying, or recently graduated from, an Early Childhood Education program, and are looking for a fun and flexible way to meet your hours requirements AND learn dynamic skills that will distinguish you as an employee, our ECE and Marketing Internship is for you! 

The description is on our website, and if you could share it around to any potential candidates, we'd be so appreciative. And you'd be doing them a favour as well! 

What's Happening with Denet: inconclusive

Such a good question, though! She's been volunteering at Buddings on Fridays, keeping one foot on the floor, and maintaining the magic of her dance and drama Big Kids Club class, but for the long term...? We're still waiting.

Our application was received (more on that here), but our request to have it expedited was rejected, so all we know for sure is that it hasn't been decided yet.

We don't know when to expect an answer, other than sometime this spring, and when we do hear back, if it's positive, there will still be a few weeks before she can be reinstated. 

Thank you to everyone who has asked about the process, and offered advice and information. It's been a strange and challenging project, but the support from the families has been so encouraging. As a daycare, we're proud of the educators who take such excellent care, and as a business, we're so proud of our clients who care so much. 

Thank you. 

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