April & May 2017

"Pastors and preachers are not the only ones who are called to preach the Kingdom of God! Your business is your mission and people you meet through your work are your harvest field!"   This was just one of the encouraging words that Christian business men and women and leaders had the opportunity to hear at the Marketplace Mission conference. This conference was organized by Global Advance from Dallas, Texas in conjunction with our church earlier this month. Being an entrepreneur in Croatia in not easy. There are many administrative obstacles that  business owners have to face and the overall climate is often very negative. This is why startup entrepreneurs need a lot of encouragement and advice when first starting out and the Global Advance team came to Croatia to provide exactly that. Through a two days conference and individual meetings with various Christian business people they encouraged participants to develop their business visions and ideas and use them for God 's glory.
God had commanded us in His Word to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and bless his people Israel. As Christians it is necessary that we recognize that our spiritual heritage is connected with Israel ' s history. As a church we acknowledge this truth and a few months ago responded to an invitation from International Christian Embassy Jerusalem to help organize a special dinner together with representatives of The Knesset Christian Allies and World Jewish Congress to which church leaders and pastors from Zagreb would be invited. The dinner was organized in Zagreb 's  Regent Esplanade Hotel and was preceded by a special program and concert of Jewish songs in Word of Life Christian Center. This has been a great opportunity to learn more about Israel and Jewish history as well as establish good relations with representatives of Israel in Croatia.

At the moment we have been kept very busy with the fin al stages o f our church renovation as well as the preparations for Jarunfest - our largest evangelistic event of the year. As in previous years, we  will be hosting  Christian concer ts, puppet shows, and various  other fun activities for children and young people such as jumping castles, face painting, workshops, etc. We also plan to give   away 1,400 free meals (hot-dogs and hamburgers) and free Christian literature. As lake Jarun and its surrounding park is a favorite family destination in Zagreb, every year we have the opportunity to serve our community and share the Gospel through music and drama. Please pray for this event, that people's hearts would be open , the finances , and safety for the participants and the organizing team.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and generous support. We pray that God would continue to bless each and every one of you.
In His Love, 
Mario and Bonnie
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