A lot of progress made over the last 10 days in Ohio.
A Very Interesting Wheat Field in Paulding County, Watch the Video Below
June 14h 2019
Good Morning!

This past week was a very productive one throughout Ohio. Most guys got a solid 3-5 day window, which was not enough but several got a good start or finished planting. A lot of farmers I have talked to are officially done with corn (planted or Prevent Plant) on the 12th, due to the calendar getting late for corn planting. There are a lot of soybean planting intentions yet, however it looks as if the wet weather is back for most of the 15 day forecast, which brings us to July planted soybeans. This puts a new spin on the soybean acres harvested. We have had a bunch of farmers call looking to run Salford VT tool, it is amazing
what those tools can do when other tools cannot get to the field. We are making plans for a few summer field days, stay tuned for events you wont want to miss!

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Timing Options for Cover Crop Seeding
When it comes to seeding covers there are really 3 time frames to seed.
  1. Interseed at sidedress knee high corn
  2. Interseed post tassle, August time frame
  3. Post harvest with a Vertical Tillage tool
Each of these phases offers an opportunity and each has its down falls. When interseeding at side dress you have to worry about chemical residue inhibiting growth of your covers and the covers also have to make it through a dormant stage. The interseed post tassle is great because you get a growing crop that is fresh and ready to go at harvest time, the down side is the seeding typically doesn't get incorporated which relies on rainfall to germ. The final option, post harvest VT is great because it gets incorporated and it does not have to compete with a growing crop, the downside is finding time to make that past post harvest and also having good growing conditions in the fall.
These Rotary hose inter seeder bars have become extremely popular for a way to get covers growing into a standing corn crop.
This is our unit designed for interseeding cover crops and getting them incorporated while maintaining maximum ground speed.
This is an example of the side dress option. Here we mounted a Valmar Seeder on a 23 row Case Liquid Applicator
The Valmar/Salford Option Has always been the best post harvest option for seeding cover crops.
We have Closing Wheels in Stock!
A common theme I am hearing when talking to growers who have been fortunate enough to plant, is "there is a crust on top and it is wet and spongey underneath." We have had several guys call in a panic this past week looking for any type of closing wheel to help close the seed slot. The good news is we have Yetter Polys, Copperheads, Yetter Cast Spikes, and a few other options available to help guys close the seed trench. If you are seeing this issue be sure to give us a call!
I have talked a lot about how much I like poly spike closing wheels. Without beating a dead horse I will just say this THEY MAKE YOU THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IN WETTER CONDITIONS

Cassie's Country Cupboard Weekly Recipe:

Fruit, Yogurt, & Granola Parfaits
Fruit, Yogurt, & Granola Parfaits


8 oz. plain Greek yogurt
1 Tablespoon local honey


1. Combine yogurt with honey.
2. Layer sweetened yogurt with fruit and granola in a dessert glass.
3. Drizzle with additional honey. Enjoy!

What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs
This Valmar/Yetter Inter seeder bar is designed to travel down corn rows in standing corn to incorporate cover crops.
Check out this weeks helpful Videos!
30' Valmar/ Rotary Hoe interseeder toolbar. This unit is designed to go between the rows to incorporate cover crops.
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