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April 30, 2020

A Note From Home.....

I don't know about you, but during the last six weeks I have been craving inspiration. This rollercoaster of emotions brought on by a "Bill Murray/Groundhog's Day-like" existence has caused me to spend more time seeking articles, sermons, memes, music, nature, webinars, whitepapers, you-tube videos, books, YOU NAME IT! I am craving inspiration!

Some historical trivia that came my way via email and internet, coupled with a timely sermon from my amazing pastor really resonated with me this week. Perhap they will inspire you a wee bit too. 

In separate articles, I was reminded of two historic geniuses who were subject to "social distancing" due to plagues and political unrest. Their efforts forever have shaped our existence with their creativity and curiousity that emerged during desperate circumstances. The first example reflects the arts. "Shakespeare wrote three of his famous tragedies during turbulent times. The Bard churned out 'King Lear,' 'Macbeth' and 'Antony and Cleopatra' as London reeled from the foiled Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and an outbreak of the bubonic plague the following year." (quote courtesy of  TIM OTT)

I also was reminded that the sciences of calculus, theories on optics and theories of gravity and motion all came to then young scholar Isaac Newton due to social distancing during the Great Plague of London. The article closed with this statement,  "So if you're working or studying from home over the next few weeks, perhaps remember the example Newton set. Having time to muse and experiment in unstructured comfort proved life-changing for him - and no one remembers whether he made it out of his pajamas before noon."   Gillian Brockell
These items of trivia and my pastor's encouragement to ask myself the following "quarantine" questions have inspired me too.
What is good about all this?
What can I learn from and through this?
What can I change to make life better during this?
What next step will inspire me right now?
We all have an opportunity right now.  Let's use it to better ourselves, our neighors and our world. 

Shellie Schwanke '87
Director of Alumni Relations and the Ronald W. Reagan Society
Special Assistant to the President 

May 8 is Eureka College's Day of Giving! 
Make plans now to join alumni and friends in this special event! 
Your support of the Annual Fund, which financially provides for the areas of greatest need throughout campus, will be essential in helping Eureka College navigate the remainder of this academic year and move strong into the years ahead. Every gift made from now until June 30 will equip EC as we weather these uncertain times together.  Every gift will sustain unexpected and urgent expenses, such as:
  • Opportunity Grants for students facing financial need
  • Remote learning for students and faculty/staff working from home
  • New resources in technology and software licenses
  • Renovations to residence halls to accommodate single rooms for fall semester
This challenge will have immediate and long-term impacts, but our number one goal is to support students, as well as that of our faculty and staff.
We understand that this may be a challenging time for many of our alumni and friends, but if you find yourself financially able, your support is crucial to the continued success of the College and its students.

Give EC  
P.S. A  temporary above-the-line (universal) charitable deduction for non-itemizers of $300 limit per tax-filing unit for 2020 was included in the CARES Act. Consult your tax-advisor for more information. 

Please stay safe!  #EUREKATOGETHER

During this difficult and uncertain time for all of us, we would love to create a resource of small businesses within our Eureka College community and help you with promotion. Working together will be what helps us all get through this current crisis.

Please email with your name and class year, the name, location and description of your business and provide a link to your business page. We are working to set up a web page listing small businesses owned or operated by Eureka College alumni and will promote it on multiple platforms. Please stay safe!  #EUREKATOGETHER
A Special Message to Alumni and Friends from Career Services

Greetings Eureka Alumni! 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hiring has decreased which is difficult for our soon to be graduates. 

So, we'd like to know: ARE YOU HIRING? Do you know of an organization that is looking to fill roles? Eureka College alumni know better than anyone else that EC grads make GREAT EMPLOYEES. If you or someone you know is currently hiring, please fill out this brief survey below so I can share that information with our soon to be graduates. Thank you in advance for your time! 

Dr. Logsdon's "Stories Beneath the Elms" Continue...
Dr. Loren Logsdon '58

Dr. Loren Logsdon, Professor Emeritus of English, AKA Gort Rumson, Maroon and Gold's roving reporter, has captured the spirit of Eureka College history in a special project he fondly calls the "Studs Terkel Project."  If you have a story that speaks to the  "Spirit of Eureka," contact Dr. Logsdon at

This month's edition is below:  
Join us for a Virtual Concert this weekend! 
Making virtual plans for the weekend? Why not enjoy a driveway concert given by some local professionals including our own San Francisco Opera Chorus alumna Mary Finch '84? See details below to join in the fun this Saturday afternoon!
Driveway Concert Series #3 
Marcia Henry Liebenow and  Mary Finch Duets fo r Violin and Soprano, "Meet Your New Neighbor"
Saturday, May 2 at 3:00 PM CST
This neighborhood concert is hosted by Marcia Henry Liebenow, concert mistress of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra. This weekend it will feature voice and violin duets with Soprano Mary Finch "social distance style", plus solo violin pieces. Mary and Marsha are new neighbors and old friends in the world of music.  Mary will sing Gershwin's "Summertime", Richard Rogers' "Getting To Know You," and "Amazing Grace." Marsha will play "Meditation from Thais" plus other solo violin pieces. 
The concert will be live-streamed by the  Peoria Symphony Orchestra ( part of their  #PSOAtHome series and shared on the Alumni/Development Facebook Page. Please note that this outdoor concert is dependent on the weather!
Making a Difference: Alumni Trustee Anna Palmer
Eureka College Alumna, Anna Palmer has developed a new platform providing small, independent retailers a way to sell their products online to a national market without creating their own online presence.  
ShelfLove was developed by Pekin native and Eureka College graduate Anna Palmer and is now live at 
S helfLove was created in the wake of the pandemic to help small shops stay afloat.  Big box stores are running low on things like detergent, soaps, and groceries and the shipping times are getting longer and longer. Meanwhile, small shops across the country are hurting; many of which have these same items sitting on their shelves. ShelfLove connects you with listings from small shop owners; giving you more ways to find what you need and giving vital sales to struggling store owners.  Visit  to find businesses in your area. Retailers interested in learning more should visit .
Thank you, Anna Palmer for Making a Difference to the Eureka College and greater community. Your alma mater is proud of you!
If you have a story you would like to be considered for publication, please submit the story (written by YOU) along with an accompanying electronic photo to . Due to our small staff we will only consider publishing completed stories submitted by our campus community. We reserve the right to edit and publish at our discretion.    
Eureka Responds as Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

Below are excerpts of a series of stories by Media Relations Coordinator Blake Baxter '13 that focuses on how Eureka College has responded and adapted to the unprecedented circumstances posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Eureka College Admission Efforts Persist Despite COVID-19 Disruption
By Blake Baxter
This is the first of a three-part series that focuses on how Eureka College has responded and adapted to the unprecedented circumstances posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic.
EUREKA - Before this semester became a blur of rapid information consumption and unprecedented action, COVID-19 only occupied a small part of EC's Dean of Enrollment Management, Mac Ingmire's brain.
It started in January as a faraway threat that might have an inadvertent ripple effect at Eureka College. It escalated into a looming concern in February as the virus continued spreading throughout the United States.
And in March, it became the overwhelming force that prompted Eureka College to make drastic moves in order to protect the immediate health, safety and well-being of its campus community.
Eureka College Student Engagement Efforts Continue From Afar During Pandemic
HIGHLAND, Wis. - Nearly 230 miles away from her college home, Hannah Lindner is doing her best to maintain a sense of normalcy.
Separated from the familiar faces, sights, sounds and activities that populate Eureka College, she's staying on top of her studies and as active as she can be in the organizations that normally occupy a significant chunk of her time spent on campus.
She's never had to do any of this from her family's home in southern Wisconsin before, and now it's all happening while she shares a space - as well as internet bandwidth - with her younger sisters. It's certainly not how she envisioned spending the second semester of her sophomore year.
"The conditions that we find ourselves in right now are completely different than anything I've experienced before," Lindner said. "It's kind of hard to navigate." READ MORE 

Eureka College's Ronald Reagan Museum Selected to Participate in Collections Assessment for Preservation Program
EUREKA, Ill. - Eureka College's Ronald Reagan Museum is proud to announce that it is one of 75 institutions in the United States selected to participate in the  Collections Assessment for Preservation (CAP) program. 
CAP helps museums improve the care of their collections by providing support for a general conservation assessment of the museum's collections and buildings. The museum will work with a team of preservation professionals to identify preventive conservation priorities. The final assessment report will help the museum prioritize its collections care efforts in the coming years. READ MORE

Share Your News
We are always looking for news from you about what you are up to!  New job? Recently married? New baby? Retiring? Send it to us!
 Athletic  Headlines
Since our photo album is bare this month, we are switching it up to bring you news of our student athletes and coaches.

Alumni Development Initiative Updates
Thank you CAT Employees and Retirees!

Last month we announced that the Caterpillar Foundation was offering a special, limited time 2:1 match for employee and retiree gifts up to $1 million total for gifts made, March 16-May 1. Even during this difficult season, our CAT alumni and friends stepped up to the challenge and, with Caterpillar's match, gifted a nearly $140,000!

The generosity of the Caterpillar Foundation  and OUR CAT ALUMNI and FRIENDS have made a difference at Eureka College. We are exceedingly appreciative of this support.

The Directory Project Continues! 

Thank you to all our alumni who are responding and have invested in this project. We have received many responses from you in the form of directory purchases, additional donations, as well as calls to our office with feedback on the process used for creating and selling a directory. You have spoken and we have listened.

We now are entering the next phase. Please remember that this project is being managed by our vendor partner PCI whose call center is working on our behalf, as they do for many academic alumni associations. PCI will now start calling those who have yet to respond to be sure no one who wishes to be listed in the directory is left out. IF YOU CHOSE TO PARTICIPATE BUT WOULD PREFER NOT TO RECEIVE A CALL, PLEASE EMAIL  and we will send you a link to update your information online.  Questions? Check out our FAQ's at .
Or, contact the Alumni Office at 877-892-7823 or email at We always enjoy hearing from you!  

Recommend Eureka to a Student You Know!
Do you know a recent high school graduate who hasn't yet decided where to go to school this fall?  
How about that student who just earned her associates degree and wants to pursue a bachelors program? 
Or maybe you know a current high school student who would make a great Red Devil? 
Now is the time to encourage these students to check out Eureka College. Share your memories with them. Encourage them to see campus for themselves. 

If you have a student who would be a great addition to the student body, click HERE to make your recommendation or email

The Department of Alumni Relations and 
The Ronald W. Reagan Society of Eureka College present 
Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern Europe
March 14-27, 2021
Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw
14 Days 18 Meals $4399 Air Inclusive
A blend of world history and fairy-tale charm comes to life in the culturally rich cities of Central & Eastern Europe. Enjoy 2-night stays, guided tours and local restaurants in Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow and Warsaw. Make the most of your adventure with a perfect balance of included sightseeing excursions and leisure time. Choose your tour in Berlin - a traditional city tour or a Cold War focused tour featuring "Check Point Charlie." Walk across the spectacular Charles Bridge in Prague and dine at a traditional restaurant that features a folklore show and dance lesson. View the lavish Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Discover the picturesque Hungarian countryside. Embark on a poignant journey through history at Auschwitz and conclude in Warsaw, a city with history both joyous and tragic. Explore some of Europe's most magnificent and legendary cities.
Contact Shellie Schwanke, Director of Alumni Relations and the Ronald W. Reagan Society for more details at
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