Volume 7 | May 27, 2020
Marple Education Center News
Message From the Program Supervisors

Extended School Year
As we begin to prepare for our Extended School Year (ESY) program, parents will be receiving an ESY intention form via DocuSign. These forms will allow each family to indicate whether or not your child will participate in our ESY program from July 6 - August 6. The ESY forms are due by Friday, June 5.
Phillies Weather Education @ Home

The Phillies, Citizens Bank, and NBC10/Telemundo62 are excited to invite you to our virtual Weather Education @ Home event taking place daily Tuesday, May 26 - Friday, May 29.

Join NBC10 and Telemundo62 First Alert Weather Teams each day from their homes as they provide fun and educational experiments focused on weather that students, teachers and parents will enjoy. Create a cloud, see hot air and cold air collide, see how a tornado is formed...and so much more! Then, take a quiz at the end of the week to see how much you’ve learned. Be on the lookout for Phillies personalities throughout the week and appearances from the Phanatic!

Visit Phillies.com/weatherday or  nbc10.com/weathereducation all next week to follow along at home and join in on the fun. We hope you can join us! 

Best Buddies Friendship Walk
It can be difficult for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to form friendships, so Best Buddies partners them up with a peer volunteer to make a connection and promote inclusion. On June 20, 2020, Best Buddies will be holding their Virtual Friendship Walk for inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. If you would like to participate, you can join the Haverford High School team . To learn more about the Virtual Friendship Walk, check out this webpage . If you have any questions, contact Kayla Kishbaugh at kkishbaugh@dciu.org .
Art This Week :
FOR ART THIS WEEK : You will need:Any paper you choose.
Some crayons or markers or paint (if Mom says it's OK)

Directions: Draw a few lines or shapes on the paper or have someone else draw them!

I want you to look at those marks turning the paper in all different directions and make those makes into something. It can be anything you want!
Do you see faces? An Animal, a bug, a flower. a cool design?
Be creative! Be Colorful!
Most of all remember, "There's No right or Wrong in Art!" Have fun .
Mrs. TC Hagee
Since this week marks the unofficial start of summer (but most of us are still being socially responsible and staying at home) I've added this fun playful easy to do painting of a Marsh scene. I hope you have fun trying a scene of your own!
Exercises and Stretches
Try these exercises and stretches. No equipment needed.

Juggling Scarves and Balls
Juggling Scarves
Differentiated Ladder Lesson With Accommodations For Learners
Check out this ladder lesson. Pick which activity challenges you the most!

Music and Movement
Grab a scarf or a ribbon and move with Ms. Amanda to the song Say So by Doja Cat.
Read Along with Ms. Amanda - Animal Band
Follow along with Ms. Amanda as she reads the book Animal Band by Christopher S. Jennings. After reading the story, you'll go back and name different instruments that you see in the book that you've played in music class.
Online Music Composition
Try out the Chrome Music Lab: Kandisky . Draw on the screen to create some abstract art in the style of Kandinsky, an artist who is known for developing abstract art. Press play and listen to it make sounds! Changing the color scheme changes the instruments’ sounds. You can also have your child practice writing numbers or letters or draw shapes and then listen to them make sound.
Meet the Instrument: The Clarinet
Every week Ms. Amanda introduces you to a new instrument. This week, it's the clarinet!
Have fun and keep making music! Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or comments: almiller@dciu.org - Ms. Amanda
Notes from the Nurse
Preparing Your Child for COVID-19 Testing
See this article from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on how to prepare your child for a drive-through COVID-19 test.
Wearing a Mask Social Story
Click here to download an additional social story for your student about wearing masks.
-School Nurse Meghan Donohue
Suggestions from the Psychologists
Psychologists' Pet Corner
Every week the psychologists will introduce you to their pets. This week, Dr. Susan Howard will introduce you to her cats, Jack and Luna!

Research has shown that pets are good for mental health. They may provide stress reduction and help with anxiety and depression. In fact, petting an animal can lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate. Caring for a pet can help to build responsibility and ease loneliness.

These cats were adopted from local shelters. Jack is a recent adoptee who is nine months old. He is curious and playful. He was adopted through PALS. Luna, the long-haired cat, is around six years old. She is loyal, sweet and affectionate. She was adopted at the SPCA on free pet day two years ago. Both of these pets provide joy and comfort to our family. Meet Jack and Luna!