An Honor and a Privilege

Marquette Inducts 23 into National Honor Society Chapter

Monday Evening's Ceremony Highlighted Commitment to Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character

With sponsor Stacey Cassady, interim principal Katie Collignon, and campus ministry director Anthony Holt looking on, Marquette anointed its latest class of National Honor Society members Monday evening inside St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception.

Chapter president Miguel Canelo served as emcee of the evening. Fellow seniors Lexi Barr and Rogelio Valdes declared a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, respectively. Deia Mark recounted the history behind Bishop Andrew Gregory Grutka's namesake on Marquette's chapter.

The program continued as seniors took turns detailing the four pillars of National Honor Society: scholarship (Alyse Thomas), service (Alex Bell), leadership (Philip Kimmel), and character (Saniya Singh).

The quartet of Robert Lawrence, Alonzo Ortiz Cazares, Misty Patel, and Arie Becker then led the newest inductees in lighting their candles. Interim principal Katie Collignon delivered congratulatory remarks once each inductee signed the official National Honor Society book.

Marquette congratulates its newest National Honor Society inductees:

Elaina Balling

Livia Balling

Ashley Barrera

Liam Coates

Bella Jiang

Jacob Kelly

Clara Kosnik

Kori Ladd

Grace Lindsey

Madison Najar

Mary Pham

Brennan Recktenwall

Maya Ruiz

Nikki Schenzel

Kate Sheerin

Alexandria Shoppa

Alexandria Sierra

Telle Skish

Lily Thompson

Sedona Vendramin

Anne Marie Wadle

Jeffery Welch

Davion Williams