The Talk on Tenth

Marquette Launches New Capital Campaign
"More at Marquette" to Take Aim at Marquette Athletic Complex Improvements 
Supporters of Marquette,

Students today deal with the same stresses that you did. The only difference is that they deal with pressure from media and today's technology. We are always up to the challenge to do " More at Marquette ." To keep up with today's technology, we have added a global business lab that includes live ticker-tape banners and studies in financial accounting, the stock market,  and macroeconomics. Furthermore, students have their own iPad, enabling them to be mobile and not have the burden of textbooks and supply costs. In the past few years, new windows, desks, a biometric security system, LED lighting, paint, and flooring have transformed our campus into a bright and inviting learning environment. 

Our students are even doing " More at Marquette ." We offer many opportunities for them to travel the world and study abroad, over 85% of our students study abroad before they graduate. We offer more AP and dual-credit courses that allow students to earn college credits here on campus. We have successfully implemented an early college program - MQTT-U - which affords students the opportunity to earn an associate degree in business or liberal arts. We are proud to say Marquette still maintains its 100% college acceptance rate. Our students' faith is reflected by attending Mass, service retreats, and Kairos. In the spirit of helping others, our students dedicate over 1,000 hours of community service and opportunities are built into the school day. Some of the benefactors are Reins of Life, Sharing Meadows, churches, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters.

The enthusiasm and commitment our student-athletes possess are inspiring, but our outdoor facilities need enhancements. The Marquette Athletic Complex upgrades were deferred until the school building improvements were made. Now that the main campus is upgraded, we are looking to improve and transform our complex by adding a structure to house restrooms, a concession stand, and storage in addition to paving the parking lot.

Please join us to be "More at Marquette!" This is your turn to pay it forward. We are calling on YOU, our alumni and friends, to make sure we can continue forming and educating our beloved young people. Please make a gift that gives you joy and blesses our students here today and those in years to come.