The Talk on Tenth

Marquette Navigates Week One Successfully
Marquette Commends Students, Staff, Families for Cooperation in Fostering Safe Learning Environment 
Weeks of preparation went into getting the 2020-21 school year off the ground in the midst of a global pandemic. And, indeed, for two days, over 200 students and three dozen teachers and staff executed a carefully-crafted plan for safe, in-person learning.

Then, near-record heat infiltrated LaPorte County and we were left defenseless to sweltering conditions inside the main building.

Alas, man plans and God laughs.

On Friday, we reconvened on campus and picked up right where we left off Tuesday. 

"We were so excited to have everyone back on campus, and so thankful for our students and staff who have risen to the new changes and guidelines this first week. We will continue to align ourselves with the IDOE and our local health officials, while knowing Our Lord is watching out for the Blazers always," principal Allyson Headd said.

This is no easy task. So many of the formalities we've performed for years - a greeting consummated with a handshake, sharing a crowded lunch table with friends - have been temporarily, but harshly, discarded. Nevertheless, all parties have pitched in to do their part thus far, a testament to the collaboration of Blazers young and old.

We thank our maintenance staff for their diligence across all corners of our campus. We thank our students for their compliance in wearing masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. We thank our teachers for their patience and adaptability to this ever-changing educational environment.

We thank both Marquette and visiting fans for their cooperation in fostering a safe and healthy environment. We have successfully made it through two weeks of athletic events, a stretch that has included five home events across the Scholl Center and the Marquette Athletic Complex.

"It's been refreshing to have students back on campus even though our athletes have been training since early July. It's always a better sense of community when the entire student body is present," director of athletics Katie Collignon said.

We ask the Marquette community to continue to mask up, socially distance, and wash hands while away from campus, too. COVID-19 doesn't take weekends off.

One week down. 17 to go. 

Let's keep a great thing going.

For the latest information on school and county policies, visit the COVID-19 resource page on our website.