The Talk on Tenth

Marquette Celebrates Honors Day
Class of 2019 was offered $10,816,714.00 in aggregate scholarship dollars
Marquette held its grand precursor to Commencement on Friday afternoon inside the Richard and Louise Scholl Student Center with the celebration of the Honors and Awards Convocation. Scholarships and awards were presented to the 77-member Class of 2019 in the presence of friends, families, and fellow classmates.

The service kicked off with senior class president Morgan Crook delivering the prayer. Student body president Janae Galburth followed with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. President James White and principal Allyson Headd served as Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. Pianist Michael Bim Merle summoned and dismissed the Class of 2019 from behind the ivories. 

Marquette commends the following award winners:

John B. Tracy Award: Emmery Joseph ($1,000 scholarship presented by Mr. Doug Bobillo)

Jean Donnelly Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Pudlo ($1,000 scholarship presented by Ms. Shannon Donnelly)

Horizon Bank Female Student-Athlete of the Year Award: Claire Salyer ($500 award and plaque presented by Ms. Julia Harris)

Phi Delta Kappa Male Student-Athlete of the Year Award: Jalen Russell ($500 award and plaque presented by Mr. Phil Freese)

LaPorte County Unity Foundation Lilly Scholarship Finalist: Rory Neary ($1,000 scholarship presented by Mrs. Irene Rosevear)

United States Marine Corps Awards (certificates presented by Sgt. McNeal):
Scholastic Excellence Award: Rory Neary, Matthew Malave
Distinguished Athlete Award: Colin Kenney, Morgan Crook 
Semper Fidelis Award: Cassidy Downs, Javan'te Blakely

Burger King Scholars Award: Gavin O'Halloran ($1,000 scholarship and certificate presented by Ms. Diamond Tompkins)

Michigan City Drifters Scholarship: McKena Moore ($500 scholarship and certificate presented by Ms. Carla Mock)

Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship: Javan'te Blakely ($5,000 scholarship)

Essence Rare's 20th Debutante/Master Ball First Place Scholarship: Sidney Mahone ($5,000 scholarship)

Thomas and Lillian Lernihan Scholarship: Benjamin Pizarek, McKena Moore ($1,000 scholarship and certificates presented by Mrs. Mary Kay Mark on behalf of the Lernihan Family)

Lions Club Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Pizarek ($2,500 scholarship and plaque)

Judi Huber Memorial Scholarship: McKena Moore ($1,000 scholarship and plaque)

Red Cross High School Scholarship: Brandon Spangler ($250 scholarship and certificate)

Herff Jones Believe in You Principal's Award: Kate Zientarski (medallion and certificate)

Exchange Club/Thomas Lernihan Student of the Year: Rory Neary ($600 scholarship and plaque)

Charles & Joan Mulrenan Scholarship: Francisco Alonzo Vidaurre ($1,000 Marquette tuition credit and certificate) 

Marquette Global Studies Diploma: Kaitlyn Sakich (Loyola University-Chicago), Scout Steinhiser (Saint Mary's College) ($1,500 scholarship and pin)

Indiana University Bloomington "Group Scholars Program": Summer Johnson, Nathaly Reynaga ($8,000 tuition credit upon completion of six-week summer program)

21st Century Scholars: Scott Anderson, Javan'te Blakely, Matthew Devens, Cassidy Downs, Janae Galburth, Kassandra Loza, Jarett Piornack, Nathaly Reynaga, Corey Sims (paid tuition and fees for four years to attend an Indiana public university)

LULAC Scholarship, Local 395 Scholarship, Ronald McDonald's Si se puede Scholarship, Hispanic Scholarship: Kassandra Loza (all four valued at $1,000 each)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Justice Advocacy Competition Scholarship, MBA Region 7 MLK Oratory Competition Award: Sidney Mahone

Members Advantage Credit Union Leona Bruno Award, Robert L. Ludington & Anita Huppenthal Scholarship: Rory Neary (both valued at $1,000 each)

Essence Rare Scholarship Award: Jalen Russell ($500 scholarship)

Rising Stars of Indiana: Caitlin Gately, Aidan McDonnell, Sydni Thomas, Lucas Trinks (certificates)

National Merit Scholarship Competition: Aidan McDonnell

Underclassman Scholar-Athletes of the Year: Ally McConnell, Jake Tarnow (plaque)

Michigan City Lions Club Ed Payne Memorial 9th Grade Scholarship Achievement Awards: Ella Gage (English), Maria Hoang (Science), Hanson Huang (Social Studies), Devin Singh (Mathematics) (plaques)

ISSMA: Natalia Ruiz, Wil Crane, Marissa Delgado (silver medal district); Small Girls Ensemble (gold medal district, silver medal state); Kenzie Losinski, Kacey Marovich, Quinn Larkin, Cassidy Downs (gold medal district, gold medal state)  

Hoosier Girls State Delegates: Sydni Thomas, Madison Lindsey, Quinn Larkin, Zoe Olesker 

Hoosier Boys State Delegates: Nick Andrews, Jake Tarnow, Sam Wadle, Cormack Bardol, Aidan McDonnell

Senator Richard Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow's Leaders Delegates: Hannah Downs, Adam Pierzakowski, Lucas Trinks

Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camp (RYLA): Sean Bardol, Riley Lindsey

Exchange Club Students of the Month: Rory Neary, Isaac Lembcke, Janae Galburth, Emma Nolan, Sophia Nolan, Jack Mason

Rotary Club Students of the Month: Matt Malave, Morgan Crook, Patrick Connelly, Kaitlyn Sakich, Brandon Spangler, Kate Zientarski, Scott Anderson, Emmery Joseph, Joe Andershock, Maggie Williams, Michael Sakich, Claire Salyer, Sam Salyer, Cassidy Downs

Presidential Service Awards:
Bronze Award: Nick Andrews, Kelli Clouse, Marissa Delgado, Mika Finney, Joseph Henrich, Robert Johnson, Kennedy Lynn, Matthew Malave, Molly Neary, Rory Neary, Sophia Nolan, Zoe Olesker, Adam Pierzakowski, Dia Rallings, Jalen Russell, Hunter Sheets, Sydni Thomas, Mia Wozniak

Silver Award: Wil Crane, Maria Hoang 

Marquette will hold its Commencement ceremony on Wednesday, June 5th following the 5 pm Baccalaureate Mass. Both events will be held inside the Richard and Louise Scholl Student Center.