News Release

Marquette's Finest on Display to Community for First Friday
Community is invited to campus this Friday to view exhibits, projects from science, business, art departments
The general public is invited to take in all that Marquette Catholic has to offer this Friday, May 4th from 3:30 pm until 8 pm on campus. 

Representatives from the school's science, business, and art departments will be in the Scholl Center, the Global Trading Lab, and the Rudy Hart Theatre lobby in the main building to display a selection of projects.

"My science students will be having their own creations based on ideas from science concepts either covered during the course of the past year or the students own 'idea(s) of interest'. The preliminaries have shown many good minds at work and it is hoped that their final work will mimic a true scientific investigation - either purely investigatory, demonstrative, or some combination of the two," science teacher Tom Deskovich said.

Ms. Beth Golding will showcase Marquette's new Global Trading Lab that includes real-time stock tickers. 

"Business students will be actively engaged in the Business Lab with their strategic business skills by demonstrating their talents on the simulation Global StockTrak Trading software.  They will be trading in real time on the open International markets for this event by trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, commodities, currencies, and options. This is an opportunity for the public to see these students building their financial portfolios and increasing their rankings within the software," Golding said.

The talented Mr. Edwin Shelton will be spearheading the art portion of the fair.

"The assortment of art projects will represent the students' work in Painting,  Introduction to 2-D, Introduction to 3-D, Ceramics, and Photography. Some of the  examples include egg tempera painting, drawing, watercolors, acrylic painting,
assemblage sculptures, photograms, zines, and photographs.  We hope the public will enjoy seeing the variety of amazing projects and  exceptional creativity," Shelton commented.

This First Friday event at Marquette Catholic High School will include a science  activity table and an art activity table for children. There will also be light refreshments  available.  We look forward to sharing our hard work and ingenuity with the community. If you have any questions, please contact Brad Collignon at