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Marriage Seminar Update
 It was a series of good meetings. You would have enjoyed being there with us. Jim preached "Coming Under God" from beginning to end. God was so good, He brought people from all walks of life, many varied denominations were represented; and He reached out to every heart, to "Come to Him". He had the solutions for whatever their needs may be! Jim may have been the mailman giving the sermon; but it was God reaching each heart, awakening their desire to Know Him More.  
One man in his 70's after hearing a couple sermons, began to experiment and said for the first time in his life he recognized the inaudible voice of God to his conscience. Christ brought the thought to his mind, "Wipe up the spilled coffee." "Don't get upset instead, Speak kindly to your wife." And he chose to follow that still small voice instead of the loud-nasty one he was used to. He was so excited to share with all of us the next night. His wife was very excited and was hopeful to see what else God could do for her husband! Maybe I don't need to consider divorcing him.  
What could God do with any of us who recognized how Satan speaks in a harsh voice inspiring us to do the same in habits, words, or responses to life's issues? And how God speaks in that "Still Small Voice" to us through our thoughts to respond to our loved ones as He would have us do--kindly? We must judge our thoughts and choose to do what God asks us to do In Him. Divine power needs to attend our human effort!    
Jim covered 2 Simple Principles to follow and they are guaranteed to improve your marriage even if only one person applies them. But if 2 apply these principles Christ will empower you, inspire you personally as to what will draw you closer to each other--and the sky is the limit. The closer we each come to Christ the closer we come to one another.  
Who is the One? Is God the one in charge of your life, your feelings, your emotions and responses or are you the final vote--or perhaps your flesh? You can choose who you will obey and follow. God gives you your will to serve Him. You need to listen to this message yourself! It's really powerful. You can go to our website and there on the home page is a link to our YouTube site where you can watch the entire series for free. You too can be a part of these messages and God become In Charge of Your life. It is truly life changing when we connect to the Vine in a viable way!  
The book "Irresistible" covers all these topics and is a must to get a fresh look on your marriage and how you too can improve your marriage out of stale to irresistible, out of trouble and into solutions that work with Christ Guiding you.  
Couples not yet married came up to us and expressed their gratitude and commitment to apply these principles even now. Hope was growing in multiple families. Conservative families with children were there and one family the children said they wanted to come again--they liked it! So the husband decided to come without his wife one evening with all 4 of his children. Another family, the wife came alone with her children and was going to fill her husband in on what he missed.  
We'll leave you with the concept that you can go see these messages for yourself and hear how you too can become Focused on Him or Focused on Her and how much God wants to be involved in your life to change it for the better In Him. Under God is the only way the Creator can re-create our lives, marriages, and families today and every day to be Like Him!! 
Getting Under God,
Jim & Sally
      What Will you do Today?