Alumni Newsletter | Spring 2020
We are all responding in one way or another to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID 19 pandemic. The Marriage in Christ office staff is working hard from our homes to keep our important ministry thriving at this time. Though seminars in many churches have been suspended or delayed, our national office is open for communicating. Please feel free to contact us!
On the home front, relationships can be strained simply by being with each other more than before. News reports have emerged which indicate that the divorce rate has risen in China since the coronavirus self-isolation. One official was quoted as saying, β€œYoung people are spending a lot of time at home. They tend to get into heated arguments because of something petty and rush into getting a divorce.”
This is the perfect time to talk about two habits – trust in God and prayer. Life will always be filled with uncertainty. It might be a global crisis with its attendant fears. Usually, it is more personal crises of debilitating illnesses, the death of a loved one, financial hardship, or the struggles of our children.

How we react to these times of great uncertainty depends on the ways in which we have habituated ourselves. If we have developed a deep personal relationship with Jesus as individuals and as a couple, we can respond with confident trust in the Lord. We are promised that β€œWhere two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.”

If our prayer life as couples is habitual, we will automatically respond with the awareness that he is always with us. 

Bill Wacker
Director, Marriage in Christ
Be Intentional
We would encourage you to find a new rhythm of prayer as a couple and family. Go over your MIC manuals and find conversation starters and loving actions that you want to try again. Keep track of the Holy Spirit sightings or bright spots in this trying time. Click the button to read a powerful Holy Spirit story!
Lent for Married Couples
We encourage you to continue in your habits of prayer, conversation and loving actions by using Lent for Married Couples. May the remainder of this holy season of Lent help us to grow deeper in love for Jesus and each other.
Your Impact
We remain eternally grateful for your great generosity toward Marriage in Christ. Your continued gifts to MIC are a blessing to all the people we serve. Because of you, our ministry and its vital assistance are able to carry out the work of Jesus Christ and help so many couples in need without interruption
If your present situation requires that you keep your resources for your family, we understand that this is a practical reality for many of you. If, however, your situation allows you to increase your giving, this would be a great blessing at this time. Whatever you can do is so greatly appreciated.
Pray with Us!
Come Holy Spirit, inspire our hearts to desire your presence in our life, marriage and family. Make haste to help us in our need, rid our world of this virus. Allow us to be a vehicle of peace for our family and neighbors. Come Holy Spirit!
Stay Connected
Strengthen your marriage, change the world.