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Fall 2018 Newsletter
Your Witness Multiplied

You are one of 1,350 couples who said "yes" to living out your marriage in Christ by attending a MIC Seminar. Scientists tell us that our behavior is contagious. This has ripple effects throughout our network of friends. We influence our friends, who in their turn influence their friends. The effect for good or ill can reach even the friends of our friends’ friends (three degrees of separation from us!). Our actions influence people we have never met. How many people might that be?
As one scientist pointed out, if you want to improve the world with your good behavior, math is on your side. For most of us, within three degrees we are connected to more than 1,000 people — all of whom we can theoretically help make healthier, fitter and happier just by our contagious example. “If someone tells you that you can influence 1,000 people,” he said, “it changes your way of seeing the world.”
Now multiply the witness of 1,350 Marriage in Christ couples by 1,000 – that's over 1 million couples! Isn't that amazing?!
Bill Wacker
Director, Marriage in Christ
Beyond Survival Mode
"We had really good marriage prep, but then we were dropped into real life. A few months after we got married, I got pregnant. We went into survival mode."

Watch how the Marriage in Christ seminar impacted this couple!
Your Posts Matter
Did you know? Your selfies, posts, comments, tweets, snap chats - they have a long reach. Be intentional with sharing the good aspects of marriage and family on social media.

How about these for future posts?
  • throw back photo of your wedding day
  • a recent date night experience
  • something you are grateful for in your spouse today
  • something you are looking forward to with your spouse
  • how you celebrated your anniversary
  • how the #micseminar has benefited your marriage

Tag #marriageinchrist and we will repost!
NEW Collaboration!
We are excited to announce a new collaboration with the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. The first phase of training host couples has begun. Jim and Gina Kadera (seated) conducted a training session in their home earlier this summer. Four couples from two churches attended the training and are making plans to host their first seminars. Please keep them in your prayers!
Busy Life - Enter MIC!
"We are learning how to make a more conscious and deliberate effort to strengthen our relationship. With three young kids, demanding jobs, and a full schedule of extracurricular activities, we realized it was very easy to get into autopilot mode when relating to each other. Since attending the Marriage in Christ seminar, we have found ways to find time to intentionally communicate to ensure we continue to grow together."

Eric and Liz (South Bend, IN)
Give Back to MIC
MIC is increasingly well received in churches all across North America. We've expanded to 15 states, Canada and Jamaica. The Lord seems to want this approach to marriage enrichment to grow.

Please consider a generous donation so we can expand into 20 more cities and 100 more churches in the next two years. Thank you!
2018-2019 Seminars
Look for NEW seminars coming to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Oregon, Hawaii, Maryland - to name a few. Help your friends find a seminar. Share the link below!
Stay Connected
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