A Note from Scott and Marsha
April 1, 2021
So there must be something in the water around here...APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! Bahahahaaahaa! The subject line was Amanda's idea...and I reluctantly agreed. We're just hoping we had more opens because of it. So if you're here because of the subject line, sweet! Keep reading! :)

Blue skies here, blue skies there. So a little story about this breathtaking picture. I was working with a client on a landscape project and we were scheduled to begin installation a couple of weeks ago. He left me a message with a few questions and I returned his call, but he was unavailable at the time.  

Why?  This is why.  This joker and he knows who he is (with my squinty eyes), calls me to talk about his project from the top of a mountain in Utah! Here I am working away talking with him and he is standing with this view just chatting it up. He tells me his brother is in town and will be around for the install and I stupidly asked where he was.  

"Utah. I'm actually standing on the top of a mountain skiing."  

I responded with, "Oh, you poor, poor thing. How dare I call you and interrupt your ski trip."  

We continued our bantering and I said, "Well, you might as well send me a picture by email." And then he sends me the above! Seriously. I thought about moving his install just because I can after this exchange!  

I quickly typed, "I hate you right now" and hit SEND.  

All in good fun of course. He is actually a really nice man and has been a pleasure to work with. I sure hope he doesn't mind us installing that stone staircase in his backyard instead of the front while he is gone. Baaaahahahahahahahaaaa  

Needless to say while everyone is having the most fun in the garden unloading a bazillion trucks arriving with fresh colorful and blooming inventory, I'm back here staring at the sky and snow capped mountains in Utah. In a computer image I might add. Not bitter ... okay, maybe a smidge. If you aren't "skiing" this weekend, you should come enjoy the garden, a mimosa or beer, and the sunny skies we ordered just for you!  
We will be
CLOSED this Sunday, April 4
for Easter!
Garden Center Features
Scheffleras are a popular houseplant you may know by the the name "Umbrella Plant". They are easy to care for and maintain. Place them where they can receive bright light and allow the soil to dry out between watering. We love the Arboricola varieties, but also have the Amate in stock as well. Different sizes are available!
Peonies are some of our favorite perennials so many reasons. They come in many different colors, but they are all delightfully fragrant. They make excellent cut flowers to create beautiful bouquets. Spring is a perfect time to plant peonies. Most will burst into bloom in the next few weeks. Keep in mind, peonies take a couple of years to get established, so don't be disappointed if you don't see a lot of blooms in the first year. But they are worth the patience and wait.
You may think of Magnolias as evergreens with thick, glossy leaves. And you are right! Many Magnolias are evergreen, but some are deciduous as well. And they are in brilliant bloom right now. Branches are bedazzled with dark pink flowers on 'Jane' or pale pink, star-shaped flowers on 'Waterlily'. As summer approaches, these beautiful trees will leaf out in dark green foliage that will also delight in fall!
Potting Shed & Food Truck Schedule
The Potting Shed
Friday 12-4:30p
Saturday 12-4:30p
We are CLOSED SUNDAY for Easter.
If we have inclement weather, we will close The Potting Shed, so make sure to follow our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for updates!

Food Trucks
Saturday, April 3– 11am-3pm
Delicious Korean BBQ
Meet Joey Pierce!
Role: Houseplant Department Lead
Started at FGS: January 2021
Ice Cream: Rocky Road
Type of Music: Indie Pop
Houseplant: Chocolate Aglaonema
Last Book Read: Houseplants 101 (I think he made that one up! :) )
Restaurant: Chick-fil-a

Make sure to get Joey's recommendations on the perfect houseplant for your home of office! He would be happy to help! Joey is planning to teach a propagation class soon, so stay tuned! We're so glad Joey is a part of our FGS team!
Spring Container Class
Bring joy and color to your outdoor space by creating a one-of-a-kind container that will last all summer! FGS Plant Coach, Debbi Barrett will cover the thrill, fill, spill technique and discuss other design tips to create a gorgeous container! You will also learn tips for how to best care for your container to keep it thriving through the hot summer months!
Fee includes instruction and everything you need to design your own 12 in. pot–annuals, soil, and the pot! 
Class fee: $45
Click on the class dates and times above to register.

Current COVID-19 restrictions and practices will be observed for all classes.
Plant Tip of the Week:
New month! New list! You can find your April To Do List here. There is lots to do in the lawn and garden this month, so head to FGS to stock up, grab your gardening gloves and get to work! Happy planting (and fertilizing, mulching, mowing and MORE!)!
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