GREETINGS                                              January 18 2018
                                 REACHING FOR REASSURANCE

I suspect that all of us have times and moments when we find ourselves swimming in the waters of uncertainty or self-doubt. Sometimes it is only a momentary phase, more often, it lingers and lasts a while and we can't always stay afloat and find the shore again by ourselves. Thank God for God in such times, however God shows up to assist us and uphold us. Rev. Ted Toder journalled about it this way in his meditation: "A Night Light Against the Darkness":
O God, I am tentative before you, confused in my clutter of misplaced dreams,                            
abandoned hopes, misplaced faith;                                                                
shrivelled by the cramp of busy-ness, the leak of disappointment, the grind of cynicism.                          
From this mock of shadows, this nightmare of botch, I turn to you,         this prayer a night light against the darkness. 
There is a strange assurance in the turning, as if at the approaching of a long-lost friend.                                                                   
In my brokenness glimmers an awareness the only what is broken, like bread, and hearts,                        
can be shared; that love is hard, tougher than nails, humbling as mystery, true to life.                     
Broken God, I would endure this love, swear and weep to welcome it. 
So come, God, into my brokenness. 
Resurrect the cluttered pieces of me into a stronger, somewhat whole                                                                  
and make me brave to dream anew, to hope the kin(g)dom in,  
to share the bit of truth that I am toward some sweeter, saving end,  
to love us creature fools hard, yet with a merciful, knowing heart.   
Grace, then, to fear not the shadows, but to heed the ripples of light forever breaking in,                          
bidding me rise and follow toward brothers, sisters, the promised day,
and you." 
                                                                                                                                          From Wrestling the Light (1991) 

In our thoughts and prayers are Judy van Duzer, Connie and Keith Kuntz, Ellen Sawesky & family, and Patricia Bradshaw's grandson, Daniel.

A brief Celebration of Life service in memory of Don Gilmar will be included in our 9 a.m. service of worship and communion on Sunday, January 28th.



Search Committee Report
The Search Committee has been working diligently in the "quiet" phase of our work to find a permanent ordained minister for Marshall Memorial. The position was posted in the Observer, the National Vacancy List and the MMUC website in mid November. We have been receiving applications and evaluating them for potential candidates to interview. During this time we have developed a set of interview questions that will be used with each candidate and an evaluation tool. First interviews will be held in the next few weeks. To respect the confidential nature of this process, we are unable to share any additional information at this time but we ask for your continued prayerful support as we continue the search.
Barbara Mahaffy, Search Committee Chair

United Church Observer
It's time for our renewal and new subscriptions.  This award winning magazine is noted for its attention to current topics and problems. With its quality of writing, its varied content, its colourful presentation and its humour, it is an easy way to become aware of the work of our church at home and around the world. The observer remains one of Canada's best magazine bargains at $25 for 11 issues. Please make cheques payable to Marshall Memorial Church re: Observer". New subscriptions are very welcome......Patty Cheshire

February House
On Sunday, January 21 at 10 a.m. February House members will meet in the Parlour to plan our schedule for the coming month. If you are in February House, please plan to attend.

Time Out With Jesus
"Time out with Jesus" will resume in the church parlour Tuesdays at noon.
Renovations to the Parlour will start near the end of February. Existing furniture (chairs, couches, tables, pictures, etc.) will be replaced. If you would like to purchase one or more items, pickup a request form at the Welcome Centre in the foyer. Items will go to the highest bidders and all money will go toward the cost of the project. Also, the "Parlour" will be renamed when the project is done. Got a suggestion? Write your name and your suggestion on a piece of paper and put it in the offering plate. A prize will be awarded for the winning suggestion.
Check your mail slot for messages prior to Christmas.

Annual General Meeting - February 4th
Marshall's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Sunday, February 4. Similar to last year, there will be a social time starting at 9:30 a.m. with coffee/tea and pastries. At 10:00 a.m. we will have a joint time of worship in the Fellowship Hall, followed by the AGM. During the business portion of the meeting, church committees will make short presentations outlining their plans for the coming year, as we align with our vision and core values. Heather Franca will provide Sunday School and activities for the kids from 10 a.m. until the end of the meeting. This should be an enjoyable and informative morning. Please make a special effort to come and be a part of this time together. The annual report will be available by January 25.

Marshall's Men - OHL Hockey
Last call for those interested in tickets for the Hamilton Bulldog vs. Sarnia Sting hockey game on Sunday, January 28, 7 p.m. Tickets will be purchased in advance. The cost is $16 to be paid on the night of the game. If you would like to attend, contact Dave Putnam (

Watoto Choir
"The Watoto Choir is coming to Canada again next week - Signs and Wonders! They are performing a couple of times in our area; first on Fri. Jan. 26th at 7 pm in Burlington, and again on Tues. Jan. 30th at 7 pm in Binbrook. If you are interested in either of these two concerts, or need more information, please call Judy Munro at 289-239-9900."
Luncheon & Cards
Come to the hall on Friday February 9th at noon.  Just come for lunch if you wish or stay for euchre/bridge.  Bring your friends. There are prizes and the tickets are on sale today for $15.  Rides are available.  Everyone is welcome!

Bistro Nights
THIS Saturday the 13th from 8 to 10 p.m. is "Bistro Night".  This will be a licensed event, $5.00 gets you in and a free drink to start; $5.00 per drink after that.   Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks provided. Proceeds after expenses will be contributed to the Community Assistance Fund to help persons in need in our community. At this gathering we will reflect on the poetry and music of Joni Mitchell.  Then the next Bistro night will be
Saturday, February 3 from 8 to 10 p.m.