GREETINGS                                           March 15th, 2018
In the hope that the weather is now milder, perhaps brighter, and paths and walkways are dry, here are some ideas for a personal prayer walk borrowed from Keri Wehlander's Circles of Grace.   I suppose it could be done indoors too if you create the space.
Create 4 separate stations for prayer: Discernment, Healing, Thanksgiving, and Resting in God. Have the selected texts in place at each station. Use chairs or stools and an iconic object at each station: a ceramic angel, a shell, a small cross, a smooth stone, a battery-powered candle, etc.
Take time out. Breathe. Be still. Set aside the bustle of the day. Free your spirit to seek quiet, reassurance, a time of transcendence. Be open to listening, listening for the mystery. Move thoughtfully from station to station pausing at each one at least five minutes or ten. Let the words of scripture prompt prayer within you. When you are ready pause and offer that prayer.
Discernment: "Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (Psalm 119:105)
Healing:   "How precious is your steadfast love, O God!
All people take shelter in the shadow of your wings." (Psalm 36:7)
Thanksgiving: "Make a joyful noise all the earth; for God has done marvellous things." (Ps. 66:1)
Resting in God: "O God you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I rise up. You discern my thoughts from afar.    You search out my path ... and are acquainted with all my ways." (Psalm 139: 1-3)
When you have finished praying at all four stations, you may use this closing prayer:
"Holy One, with gentle hands receive my prayers. With patient eyes search out my spirit. With quiet words offer peace to my soul. With your infinite heart, receive my life. Amen
Trust in the God of steadfast love.

In our thoughts and prayers are Harry Disher, Connie and Keith Kuntz, Judy VanDuzer and Patricia Bradshaw's grandson, Daniel.
The flowers today are placed in the sanctuary by Mabel Ward in loving memory of her husband, Jack.
This morning at the 9am service being baptised is Eden Ezrah McLean daughter of Andrea McLean and Dianne Stiles.



Pastoral Care
During Harry's absence if urgent pastoral care is required contact Bert Radford at Ryerson 905-648-2731 or Jeff Chalmers at Bethseda

Outreach Committee
The Outreach committee will be selling chocolate bark on Palm Sunday, the 25 th of March. The price will be $6 per bag as usual. Your support will help in funding our various community projects. We hope you will use this opportunity when planning your Easter baskets.


Good Friday
There will be a service at 10AM.

A Lenten Journey
The last Ancaster United Churches Lenten Study will take place on Thursday, March 22nd at 1:30 at Ryerson United Church.