GREETINGS                                               May 25, 2017
                                               From Me to We
The "Me to We" initiative of recent years has really caught on with a lot of young people, high school age and up. They get it. They understand that the preferential individualism that has been preached and drummed into us by our late twentieth-century culture is not where it's really at. They get that we are here to live lives that make other lives enhanced, supported, and even better. They get that all of life among human beings, other creatures and creation itself is interconnected and inter-related. We not only need each other, we need to be a blessing and build right relationships with all kinds of others.
Jean Vanier recognized that decades ago.  He devoted the bulk of his life to respecting and helping challenged persons and enabling them to claim their own dignity and worth. In a wonderful collection of his lectures, poems, and other musings called Eruption to Hope, he wrote this poem around 1970-1971:
     Too long have we forgotten
     that Peter, John, Eileen - mentally deficient - are people.
     People who love and want to be loved
     who have joys like you and me.
     (You see we are normal people ... isn't it nice being normal?)
      Peter & John & Eileen have hearts that suffer   
      when we do not look at them with respect and love.        
      Too long have they been treated                                           
      like perpetual, dependent, incapable children
      for whom we must do everything ... "poor creatures."      
      When will we learn, when will we learn
      that Peter & John & Eileen have their rights for they are people
      and more - children of God.                              
      We have too long despised them.
      We have treated them with pitying paternalism    
      ignoring their possibilities.
      We have forgotten that they want our respect, our love
      but not smothering, protective love,
      but love made up of esteem and a desire to give life,                        
      possibilities to create, to give, to feel useful to society....
      Peter, John, Eileen, you have no voices to cry out. 
      You cannot go on strike.                                           
      Will you forgive society? Will you forgive me?
      Christ on the cross cried out, 'My God, my God,                               
      forgive them for they know not what they are doing'.  
When you are resurrected will you say that to our Eternal God for us?  'They did not know what they were doing           
 when they didn't stop to listen to is
 to respect us, to help work and live.'
(Isn't it nice being normal ... you and me). (Eruption to Hope, pp. 35-37)
I believe we have made some monumental strides towards addressing such concerns and inequities over the past forty-five years. Seems there's still a long way to go. Walking in God's ways, serving in God's world, we as people of faith can yet endeavour to light the way and blaze the trail until all creation finds wholeness of life and fullness of life. So on we go.



Humans of Marshall
Humans of Marshall, who are you? We want to get to know you better and share YOU with others outside of our 4 walls. HOW? Send us a picture and your full name, along with a written caption between 3-200 words, to or, if not computer-savvy, leave a picture and a hand-written note with the office.
Here are some ideas for your caption or feel free to write about what inspires you:
"What makes Marshall special for you?"
"Do you have a faith story you would like to share?"
"Did you go to church as a child/youth? Where, when, what do you remember?"
"Who or what activity influences your faith the most?"
"What gift/skill/talent/passion do you bring to Marshall or the community?"
Your image and first name ONLY will appear on our social media outlets (Facebook, etc.) as well as be scrolled at the beginning of each service. Submission will imply consent. Thank you, Humans Of Marshall. We look forward to learning more about, YOU, God's own creations.

Time Out with Trees
"Time Out With Trees and Jesus" -- Bring a lunch and join Rev. Disher in Brockhouse Park (corner of Wilson and Fiddler's Green) at noon on Tuesdays for a time of guided meditation.

Case for Kids
"Wesley Urban Ministries will again hold their annual 'Case for Kids Walk' on Sunday June 4th, commencing at 1PM. If you wish to participate as a walker, collecting your own pledges, you can do so by going online at or contact Rebecca Young at 905-528-5629 X240. If you wish to make a donation to this very worthy cause you can go on their website or a donation by cheque to "Wesley Urban Ministries" can be handed to Irene Langdon, or left in the mailbox under L. If you want a tax receipt please ensure that your name, address, and email are written on the envelope. If you are donating cash, please hand it to Irene, in an envelope, again with name, etc. written on the outside. The last day to donate is Sunday June 4th. All donations will be taken to the event, at the walk location on that day.
New Member's Sunday June 11
If you would like to become part of the Marshall Memorial faith community through transfer of membership or re-affirmation of faith on this day, please contact Rev. Disher as soon as you can to help prepare you for that significant moment.

Vacation Bible School
VBS will be Tuesday, July 4th to Friday July 7th. It is for children from SK to grade 6 and will be held at St. John's Anglican Church.  Registration forms are in the foyer.
Songs at 9am
Here is a list of songs for this Sunday to "You Tube" and practice before the service. 
Blind Man
Cry of My Heart
This Is The Day
El Shaddhai
Some Kind of Wonderful
Better Than A Hallelujah
Let The River Run
Breakfast - HYMN & EGGS
On Sunday, May 28th the Marshall Choir invite you to breakfast at 9:30.  Come sing your favourite hymns and learn new ones as well.  Eggs 9:30 - 10:30 and Hymn Sing 10:30.