GREETINGS                                              October 5 2017
"Go slower" has been my mantra for the last decade and counting. Some days, some weeks, I succeed. As I embrace aging, I recognize there a many things I can't do as quickly as I used to; and there are many things I like to do that benefit me and others more if I'm not rushing.   I have come to value breathing spaces, break-away moments, "down" times as much as I value vacation time. It's good for one's health and heart. It's good for paying more attention to others in conversation and relationship. It invites one to listen more and notice more and to respond and react more mindfully.   Above all, it teaches one the value of just "being" contrasted to always "doing".   It offers multiple opportunities to connect with the Divine. It amplifies one's sense of gratitude just for being alive, for having faith, and for all the blessings God has poured out upon us.  

In a collection of musings upon creation, John K. Terres' Things Precious and Wild: A Book of Nature Quotations, these thoughts of Richard Le Galienne are included:        
"I meant to do my work today -- but a brown bird sang in an appletree, and a butterfly flitted across the field. And all the leaves were calling me.  And the wind went sighing over the land, tossing the grasses to and fro.  And a rainbow held out its shining hand -- So what could I do but go?"

Our cybernetic-dominated world, our continued immersion in a frenetic, consumer culture cries out for relief and reconsideration.   Go slower. Turtles still do win the race. 

In our thoughts and prayers are Jim Craig, Judy van Duzer, Connie Kuntz, Ellen Sawesky, Chris Staples, Ann Sloat and Patricia Bradshaw's grandson, Daniel.



Anniversary Sunday October 15th
To honour the 63rd Anniversary of Marshall Memorial United there will be one service of worship on this day. Our Guest Preacher will be Rev. David Mundy (recently retired after serving a long-term ministry at Bridge St. United, Belleville, ON).  Following worship there will be a time of conversation and refreshments and a presentation from our Transition Team inviting our congregation to adopt the Mission Focus suggested by congregational surveys last May: "People with Challenges", (especially people suffering mental illness, seniors, youth, and persons experiencing poverty).
Board Update
At the Hamilton Presbytery meeting on Tuesday, October 3, Marshall's Joint Needs Assessment Committee Report was accepted.  Presbytery has now declared a vacancy for Marshall Memorial United Church beginning July 1, 2018.

Living Rock

Just a reminder to support the Living Rock Ministries this Sunday by bringing groceries to donate.


Time out with Trees and Jesus
This is an opportunity to experience guided meditation in an outdoor setting, Brockhouse Park (Fiddler's Green Rd. and Wilson St.) Tuesdays at noon (except when Rev. Disher is on vacation or study leave). Bring a lunch along if you like.

Joy Day
Joy Day will take place on Saturday, December 9th from 10:30 to 3:00 at the Waterfront centre. The guest speaker is Rev. Lynne Godfrey and the St. Paul's Hand Bell Choir will entertain.  Contact Nancy Pierce at 905-304-3710 for more information and registration.