GREETINGS                                                Sept 21, 2017

                                               POSITIVE SPIN
Could be there are always silver linings poking out of the darker clouds. Could be out of disasters like forest fires raging in the interior of British Columbia, or out of the chaos and destruction wrought by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, new life and possibility might spring. That is not to minimize or neglect the losses suffered, the trauma connected to damage done.   It does leave room for something like God's transforming grace and love to restore, renew, and re-create.   The 19th-century French Carmelite nun, Thérèse of Lisieux, entered the religious life at age 15 and died at age 24. Nonetheless, her spirit cast a wide ray of light. She became known for her ways of simplicity and generosity of heart. She was named a saint. She was known as "The Little Flower". She managed in her brief life to compose her autobiography, Story of a Soul.  Here is a small taste of her humble faith and spirit:        "What a comfort it is, this way of love! You may stumble on it, you may fail to correspond with grace given, but always love knows how to make the best of everything; whatever offends our Sovereign is burnt up in its fire, and nothing is left but a humble, absorbing peace deep down in the heart."  
Yes, there is always room for God's love to be present and active. Watch for it. Cultivate it. Receive it. Share it.

In our thoughts and prayers are Judy van Duzer, Connie Kuntz, Ellen Sawesky, and Chris Staples, Daniel grandson of Patricia Bradshaw, and Rick & Landra Smith on the passing of Rick's father John.



From the Library
The September/October edition of the Upper Room is available.

Community Outreach Meeting
A community Outreach Meeting sponsored by the Ancaster Ministerial Association will be held at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 26th to consider a co-operative outreach initiative among area congregations in offering Fall Yard Clean-up services to seniors and others in our area who might appreciate having someone do such work for them. If you wish to represent Marshall Memorial at this meeting feel free to attend on our behalf.
A Congregational Meeting
  A congregational meeting  will be held between services of worship on Sunday, October 1 at 10 a.m.  The congregation will be asked to respond to and approve the Joint Needs Assessment Report which will enable Hamilton Presbytery to give us a green light to begin a search for a new minister. Also at that meeting we will be seeking to appoint a Search Team (of about 7 people) for choosing that new minister from an array of applicants. If you would like to serve our congregation on the Search Team, please let Dave Putnam or Beth Pearson know of your willingness prior to the meeting.  The JNAC report is available on our website.
Rev. Disher away
Rev. Disher will be on vacation until September 30. In case of any pastoral emergency please contact Rev. Bert Radford, Ryerson United Church, Ancaster, (289) 439-1622 (Cell), (905) 648-2731 (Church).


Summary from Marshall Board Meeting Sept. 12th

*             Financial Statements - It was reported that there is a year-to-date shortfall in givings compared to budget. However, salaries and benefits expenses are under budget, and rental revenues are currently over budget. The net result is an operating fund surplus at this time.
*             Correspondence - Marshall received correspondence inviting the church to participate in an Ancaster Ministerial initiative to assist seniors who need help with outdoor cleanup activities around the home. This request will be communicated to the congregation.
*             Governance Structure - The Board will hold a Saturday morning retreat on September 16 to consider how our governance structure might be modified to support our core values and motivating vision. Alternative models will be considered.
*             JNAC Report - The Joint Needs Assessment Committee Report was discussed and approved by the Board. A Special Congregational Meeting will be held on October 1 to seek congregational approval of the report.
*             Search Team - The Board will recommend a Search Team at the meeting on October 1 for approval by the congregation. People interested in being on the Search Team will be invited to express their interest in advance of the meeting date.
*             Christian Education & Development - It was agreed that a small group under the minister's leadership be formed to establish a Christian Development Plan for the current year. A variety of ideas will be explored to meet the needs of both adults and children in the church.
*             Anniversary Sunday - Marshall will celebrate its 63rd anniversary on Sunday, October 15 at a joint 10:00 a.m. service.  Rev. David Mundy will be our guest speaker that day. A special coffee & conversation time will follow in the parlour.
*             Board Communications - In an effort to improve communications to the congregation, the Board will post its monthly minutes on the notice board, and a summary of Board discussions will be included in the Newsletter. From time to time, committees will be asked to make a short report to the congregation concerning their activities.


Marshall Men - End of Season Golf
On Tuesday, October 4 plans have been made for an evening of Golf at the Knollwood Golf (Old) Course. This is an opportunity for us to get out the clubs and enjoy 9-holes of golf. Don't worry if you are not a regular golfer. This is a get together for some fun & fellowship. After golf we'll go out for a bite to eat together.
Date: Wednesday, October 4
Tee-Times: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Knollwood Golf (Old) Course,
1276 Shaver Rd, Ancaster
(south of Book Road)
Cost: $20 (includes green fees & cart)
If you would like to attend, notify Dave Putnam at 905-648-4786 or