Please remember Annette Haas on the passing of her Dad, Douglas Haas, of COVID 19. Messages of condolences can be emailed to Annette at We remember those who are struggling during this difficult time, whether it be due to illness or loss.

Rev. Kevin Taylor will be leading our service this week.   The service is available via Livestream beginning at 9am Sunday morning and archived for viewing anytime.  

Children's Sunday School will happen via ZOOM: 10am for Little Zoomies (ages 4-7) and 10:35am for Big Zoomers (ages 8+). Just text your e-mail and time preference to Heather at 905-978-7610. 

You can also watch our services directly from YouTube.  After entering YouTube, search for our channel, Marshall Memorial United Church and click "Subscribe" once (free of charge) so the site is added to your YouTube for easy retrieval.

We will be celebrating Communion via Livestream Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 7pm.  A link for that service will be sent out that morning.



The Marshall Prayer team invites you to join us with an important prayer project for the Month of January.
We intend to pray for young people aged 20 -29 that are connected in some way to our Church Family.
If you have family members or friends or coworkers or neighbours that are in that age group, we invite you to share their first names only by phone call to Patty Cheshire at 905-389- 6373 or her email address at, or simply holding them in your heart and praying for them now and through January.

Reading the Psalms - a 2-Month Cycle
Reading the psalms on a regular basis is a great way to develop a vocabulary of prayer and to form a worshipful heart. Regular reading of these songs and prayers will provide you with a treasure of scripture verses that the Holy Spirit will bring to your mind when needed. 

Simply print the document, fold it in half vertically, and use it for a bookmark to keep your place in your Bible.

Begin reading at any point in the cycle. Don't worry about catching up if you miss a day or two, since you will read the psalms you miss in the next cycle. For months with 31 days, take a day off and then begin the next month. After the end of February, simply skip over to Day 1 of March.  

SILENT AUCTION - January 10-17, 2021
Outreach has once again received a beautifully crocheted lap blanket from Pat Paul. A huge thank you to Pat!! She is so kind in her support of Marshall's Outreach program. Please send your bid to: or you can phone your bid in to me by calling 905-648-1671. Bidding begins on Jan. 10 and ends on Jan. 17. You will be notified Jan. 18 if you are the lucky recipient of Pat's handiwork! Thank you!!

You can reach Rev. Kevin at 905-979-1751 or by email.  Please call first before coming to the church. 


Due to the current Covid restrictions we will be postponing the Bottle Drive to a later date.
The Church office is open Monday - Friday from 9am to noon.
Please feel free to call the office during that time at 905-648-4631 or email Henrietta at