Thoughts and Prayers
In our thoughts and prayers are Maureen Jaggard, David Paton, and Rev. √Čtienne. 

Welcome to Rev. Kevin Taylor
A big Marshall welcome to Rev. Kevin Taylor as he steps in for the month of July while Rev. √Čtienne continues to be off.  Rev. Kevin  will be having office hours Monday-Thursday 9-12; please feel free to stop in for a chat.  If you have a pastoral care emergency, he can be reached at:  519-688-6950.

If you are aware of someone in our congregation that would benefit from a visit or call from our Pastoral Care Team, kindly let the office know so that we can ensure that all of our member's needs are being met.

Service this Sunday
Join us this Sunday as Rev. Kevin Taylor leads our 10am service.

In July Ryerson United Church will be joining us for 10am services.  In August we will be joining Ryerson for their 10am services.

On  July 28th , which is our last Sunday that our joint serves are hosted by Marshall before we move to Ryerson, we will be celebrating Communion within our 10:00 am service. We have an open communion service which means everyone is invited so we are invited to make this a family occasion. Summer is a time when we break with schedules and demands so we can do some thinking about our lives and souls. We welcome you to make this summer Communion a focus point within your summer spiritual journey!
If you are able to assist with serving Communion, please sign up on the bulletin board or call the office. Thank you!

Last week we made an invitation to do a pilgrimage together. The aim is to re-enact the Emmaus Road journey of Luke 24: to walk with a bewildering issue within our lives, to talk with others, to share Communion together and to meet Jesus along the way so that Jesus may reveal himself to us. In participating in a pilgrimage we are recognizing that it is the realization of who Jesus really is that is the answer to our bewildering life questions.  

Some people have said "Yes!" and so we need to speak with each other and look at choosing a date and a destination. Please speak with Rev. Kevin today or this week! Suggested: May we think about Wednesday July 17th from 8 am till we get back?

Read & Reflect Summer Bible Reading Plan
Our Read & Reflect plan for July and August is the Book of Psalms. Attached is a calendar for you to print and tuck into your Bible.  Summer Reading Schedule

The Book of Psalms is the hymnal of the Bible, and reflects many aspects of the religious experience of Israel. Its spiritual depth and beauty make it a treasury of strength and consolation for both public and private devotion. Many of the Psalms may be read as prayers, and can be prayed as your own. This cyclical schedule allows for the reading of the Psalms to become a daily part of your devotional life, even beyond this summer. Blessed reading!

Share & Connect
Don't forget to check our Facebook group for reflections on our Bible readings. During the summer, Judy will not necessarily be posting everyday (she won't always be connected to wifi), but everyone is encouraged to post thoughts about the Psalms as you are reading them... maybe something that really caught your attention or that you connected with. Supporting and learning from each other is an important aspect of our spiritual formation.



Take Marshall with you....if you can't make it to church but want to stay in touch and worship with us, watch the Livestream of the 9am (10am in July) service on our website at .

Summer Office Hours
During the summer the Church Office will be open from 9am-12pm, Monday to Friday.  Please note that the office will not be open Monday July  8 & 15.

Wesley Day Centre Update
Please consider sending an email in support of the Wesley Centre to: or to

If you are able, please consider attending another meeting of the Emergency and Community Services committee at City Hall at 1:30 on July 11, 2019.

From the Marshall Library
Looking for some good summer reading? This is just a reminder that our Marshall Library has an excellent collection of books on a wide variety of topics. You'll find gems on Christian thought and practice, social and global issues as well as biographies and fiction. The following books have been added to our collection:
Inspired by Rachel Held Evans (220.6)
A Child Speaks by Janet Lynn Stobie (220.9505)
The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr (232)
Making Room by Christine D. Pohl (241.671)
Soul Keeping by John Ortbert (248.4)
25 Books Every Christian Should Read BY Renovare Julial Roller, editor (248.4)
Falling Upward by Richard Rohr (248.4)
Healing a Broken Humanity by Grace Ji-Sun Kim & Graham Hill (261.8)
Becoming by Michelle Obama (921)
The Story for Little Ones (E220)
New Testament Stories (E226)

Summer Prayer Challenge
Our reading of the Letter to the Ephesians during the month of May taught us the importance of prayer for the life and vitality of the church. The Apostle Paul also taught us what kind of things we should be praying for. Based on Paul's guidelines, here are two prayers that we are challenging everyone to pray over the summer (and beyond if you like!). You could combine them into one prayer, or say one in the morning and one in the evening. Feel free to add whatever the Holy Spirit puts on your heart. Let's open ourselves to the blessings of sustained corporate prayer!!

God, open the eyes of our hearts so that we can know you better. Reveal to us the abundant blessings of our inheritance in Christ, who is our hope for the redemption of the world. Fill us with your Holy Spirit, your immeasurable power. Help us, Lord, to experience these blessings together as the body of Christ. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Father God, strengthen our church and our leaders in Christ. Give us boldness and perseverance to Walk in Your Way and Serve in Your World. Protect us from the evil one as we seek to do your will as Christ's body on earth. Grow our trust and faith in you, by the power of your Holy Spirit, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Community Events
Corn Roast & Barbecue - Marshall Memorial Parking Lot
Save the date for Wednesday, September 4, 2019