Dear Marshall Family,
Here are some reminders for those people who are planning on visiting the church.

We request that you notify Henrietta prior to your arrival so that we can abide by the maximum number of 10 people in the building at one time.

You will be required to wear a mask.

Please enter via the Fiddlers Green parking lot and exit via the Gilbert parking lot. This protocol helps to avoid the possibility of people entering and exiting the same doorway at the same time.

Please sign our Guest book and provide your contact information, as well as indicate which area of the church you plan on visiting. This will help our custodian to know which areas will require additional cleaning.

Please use the hand sanitizer which is available at the door after signing in.

Thank you for following these protocols and helping to ensure the safety of the staff, yourself and others.

Jan Thompson

For the time being, we will be continuing to worship via Livestream at 9am Sunday morning. Rev. LeSage will be discussing Matthew 9:35-10:8.
Children's Sunday School will happen via ZOOM: 10AM for Little Zoomies (ages 4-7) and 10:35 AM for Big Zoomers (ages 8+). Just text your e-mail and time preference to Heather at 905-978-7610. 

This Friday at 11am Cable 14 will be playing our service from the previous Sunday. Please note that Cable 14 is changing the timing of our service to Sunday evenings at 6pm starting  July 5th.

You can also watch our services from YouTube.  You can click "Subscribe" once (free of charge) so the site is added to your YouTube for easy retrieval.



Rev.  É tienne will be working from home due to Covid-19 restrictions.  However you may contact him by calling at 905-741-7977 or by email at .

This Sunday our Contemporary Team will be singing the below song, written by Paul Templeton, in honour of Rev. Kevin and the times we are currently living in.

Through Jesus We'll Find A Better Way           by Paul Templeton 2020
Well it's been a long, cold winter
And yes, it's been a cold, dark spring
And we've had so many problems, way more than our share
Ya feel like givin up, hey, but here's the thing
Ya gotta blow the horn, bang the drum
Move on over 'cause here we come
It's shaping up to be one triumphant day!
A little louder, here we go, how far we'll get, well no one knows
But through Jesus, we'll find a better way!
Well Thomas had his doubts about the resurrection
He had to see our Lord and touch him with his hands
But from the moment that he knew, the light came shining through
And after that, he could understand
Yesterday I went down to see my pastor
Cause I've been blaming God when things don't go my way
Reverend Kevin, tell me true, what am I supposed to do?
He said for starters, let's bow our heads and pray
And then blow the horn, bang the drum
Move on over, 'cause here we come
It's shaping up to one triumphant day!
A little louder, here we go, how far we'll get, well no one knows
But through Jesus, we'll find a better way!
'Cause after all, we're only human
We don't always do the way we should
But if we put our trust in Him, we'll be improving
And have a richer life than we ever thought we could

Phone-In Ministry with Rev. Étienne LeSage (905-741-7977)  and our Christian Development leader Judy VanDuzer (905-719-8170) Monday to Thursday 9 am until 12  for conversation, prayer and a Psalm reading! 

The Pastoral Care Team is trying to stay connected with everyone.  If you'd like a call or would like to help please contact Patty Cheshire at 905-389-6373. 

Our Prayer Partners are praying for our Marshall family and friends during this stressful and frightening time.  Please call Patty Cheshire at 905-389-6373 with any prayer requests you may have.

Henrietta is back in the office.  She will be working Monday-Thursday 9-12  till September.   If you are coming in to see her, please call ahead and follow the safety protocols  we have in place.  All Announcements for the Newsletter need to be in to the office for Wednesday at 10am.

Thank you to members who have maintained their givings through PAD, e-transfer, Canada Helps or mailed-in cheques. If you are wondering how to maintain your offerings when we are not in our Sanctuary:
  • Mail cheques to Marshall Memorial United Church, 20 Gilbert St, Ancaster L9G 1R4 (mail is being picked up every day).
  • eTransfer using as the recipient address. This function is available from most online banking sites
  • Donate button at or go directly to the Canada Helps site with the link
  • Sign up for PAD to make a regular contribution through your bank account. Contact Henrietta at or by phone at 905-648-4631 to start PAD or to make changes to your current PAD offerings.
Tuesday mornings at 10:30 -   Prayer group with Patty Cheshire is meeting by Zoom. Please contact Patty at  or 905-389-7363 if you wish to be involved with our Prayer ministry.  

Read & Reflect Daily Scripture Readings:    Attached is the calendar of daily scripture readings for July, based on the Common Lectionary. Regular reflection on scripture is the number one catalyst for spiritual growth, and following along with this calendar will give you a framework to guide your devotional reading.
Even better is to read the Bible in community! You can join our private Facebook group - Members and Friends of Marshall Memorial - for posts related to the readings. If you are not a member, please contact Richard Hamilton on Facebook for an invitation.
Another batch has arrived!  We are very grateful to Diane Paton who has made and donated a number of cloth face masks to be given to people at Marshall Church.  If you would like to have one, please  email or phone the church office (also provide your mailing address) and a free mask will be mailed to you.  Thank you Diane for your work and generosity, as you help us protect ourselves and others.

For all those feeling creative and want to make their own, this link will lead you to directions that one of our members used to make her own.

Please follow this link for the latest from the United Church of Canada.