This Sunday - March 22, 2020
Join us for service this Sunday on-line via Livestream at 9am.  

There used to be a a saying "What a difference a day makes". In the world in which we are currently living and in particular having to deal with the rapidly evolving COVID19 things are changing not by the day, but sometimes by the hour.

During this past week many people have been working very hard on behalf of our Marshall community. I would like  to publicly recognize and thank those people.

First of all a huge thank you goes to Rev. Kevin for his ongoing leadership, compassion and spiritual guidance. 

Thanks to Richard Hamilton's initiative and direction we were able to establish an Emergency Preparedness  Committee (consisting of Rev. Kevin, Dave Putnam, Kerry Radigan, Linda Craig, Suzanne Gunby and myself) which quickly put in place some safety measures following the guidelines of the United Church of Canada's Emergency Plan. Even though our original goal was to proceed with both of our services on March 15th it became evident late Saturday evening that it was no longer feasible to do so.

Thanks to Kerry Radigan, Henrietta Vandriel, Patty Cheshire and Sue Lane and other members of the Pastoral Care Committee we were able to get the message out to our Congregation that our services had been cancelled. 

Our Emergency Preparedness Committee met again  on Thursday, March 19 to make further plans for upcoming weeks.

We will continue live streaming of one service each Sunday. This service will offer both traditional and contemporary music, scripture,  prayers and a message from Rev. Kevin. The service can be accessed via our website

There is a plan in place to continue study groups through online sessions.

We realize that some of our members may be feeling worried, lonely and perhaps isolated. Rev. Kevin would like you to know  that he is available to chat and pray with you by phone anytime during his office hours( Monday - Thursday 9- 12).

If anyone is in need of groceries or other items please call the church office (905-648-4631) and Henrietta will pass on the message to Linda Craig who is the Chairperson of the Outreach Committee.

Please be assured that our Prayer Partners will  continue to pray for our Marshall family and friends during this stressful and frightening time.
May God bless you and keep you safe. 
Jan Thompson 

In our thoughts and prayers is Rev. √Čtienne. We also remember those who are battling cancer, the sick and the shut-ins.

Please remember the Loopstra family in your prayers with the passing away of Allard.

If you are aware of someone in our congregation that would benefit from a visit or call from our Pastoral Care Team, kindly let the office know so that we can ensure that all of our member's needs are being met.

For Pastoral Care Emergencies please contact Rev. Kevin at:  905-979-1751  (please note the new phone number)



Senior's Social is cancelled until April 20th.

Spiritual Practices for Lent: Fast, Pray, Give Away
The Christian Development Committee has a number of opportunities for you to enhance your devotional life and prepare your hearts and minds for the Passion of Christ. It is our hope and prayer that these practices will enrich your spiritual life and your experience of Lent by drawing you closer to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Read & Reflect Daily Scriptures
Attached to this newsletter, and also available in the foyer at church, is a calendar of Daily Scripture Readings for Lent. These are the Lectionary readings that Pastor Kevin will be preaching on during Lent. New this year, the calendar also includes suggestions for incorporating the traditional Lenten spiritual practices of fasting, praying and giving alms ( Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21).

Fridays have been set aside, as is traditional, for fasting. If a full fast is not practical or healthy for you (please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition that may prohibit fasting), consider 'fasting' from a favourite food or activity, something that you will definitely miss. The purpose of fasting is to redirect our attention and longing to Christ rather than to those things that are typically central to our daily lives.

Saturdays have been reserved for acts of giving and service. A few simple suggestions have been made, but you could replace those with things that are more personal for you. The purpose is to intentionally think of others during that time.

Sundays have been designated for Sabbath keeping and prayer. Perhaps this would be a time for you to spend a bit longer with the Bible or with your prayer beads or other prayer practices. Sabbath also includes slowing down and devoting time to things that are important: family, friends, solitude, and rest.

We will be reflecting on the Daily Scriptures on our Facebook Group - Members and Friends of Marshall Memorial. If you are not in our Facebook group but would like to join, please message Richard Hamilton for an invitation.