ThanksLiving as Spiritual Practice
December 2020
It is interesting that the whole idea of thanksgiving and gratitude has been based upon our exterior orientation toward life — we are happy and fulfilled and grateful when certain things in our lives are in order and when we have happy things for which it is easy to give thanks for. For example, we think and believe, we can certainly be grateful if we have something to be grateful for. So the idea usually goes, “I’ll be happy when… when… when… this happens or that happens.”

We have always assumed that happiness depends on things outside of us to be happy about — that happiness depends upon happy events, happy circumstances, people doing nice things for us, getting a surprise out of the blue so to speak, a raise in salary, just being surrounded by peaceful, blissful experiences so that we have something to be happy for. 
“Living Gratitude is a gift to yourself.”  
Martha Creek
If you look at the word gratitude, it refers to an attitude of greatness. Grateful means full of greatness. Thankful means full of thankfulness. It deals, in other words, with something within you, rather than something without.  The act of gratitude and thanksgiving is not reactive, nor is it a response to things—rather, it is creative, causative, and filled with potential. Gratitude is not at all tied to the changing circumstances of life, to what happens out there. Gratitude is your consciousness as a spiritual being equipped to navigate all the changes of life. Gratitude holds the power to shift us from believing to knowing, from craving to realizing what we have.
Gratitude is Everything
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My insight is that thankfulness and gratitude deal purely with an inner state of mind. We realize gratitude creates from things, experiences, and circumstances from an entirely different level of consciousness, from the highest point of view. Beginning now, you can practice feeling grateful for all things because you are grateful from the transcendent awareness that your good comes not from things but through you; that it is something you give rather than something you receive. You are grateful for your job because it provides you with an opportunity to give more of yourself. You are grateful for your loved ones because they provide you with an opportunity to give love and to be loved. You are grateful for your life for it provides a bounty of experiences destined to evolve the soul. 
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
William Arthur Ward
In this season of Giving, Thanksgiving, and giving gratitude in this new sense, we are called to give some thought, meditation, and perhaps prayer to this practice of gratitude. I know you will find that gratitude and thanksgiving will take on an entirely different meaning when practiced as ThanksLiving. You will have a much broader perception of the inherent good that is within all things. It is time to find out just how much easier and far more fulfilling it is to give thanks for the many blessings in your life. I am grateful for you. I am grateful that I feel loved when I think of you. I am grateful that I have demonstrations of the effects of our giving. I am grateful for your prayers, support, and the myriad of ways you shed light, create a new way of being and a new earth, and faithfully proceed KNOWING that everything — thought, deed, actioncontributes.
 I love you. 
martha creek
Martha Creek
Holiday Schedule
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Here's some of the feedback from recent intensive attendees:

Dear Martha,
My experience of doing a Martha zoom retreat was one of deep excavation on a personal level as well as learning from the other 2 participants' excavations.

Having a couple of trusted companions to share the experience, as well as this format, allowed for ways to share, learn from the other's work, as well as simulate an immersion-like experience.

Martha was quintessential Martha! Humor, stories, and probing questions. The day was centered around our requested foci. It felt more like a dance than being lead through a set program like other retreat experiences.

Even though we had to forgo Martha hugs and presence, our zoom retreat was a way to center in and dig deep. Highly recommend you asking a couple of friends to join you in a day of self discovery and enrichment.
— Jo Ann 

Dearest Martha, 
I want to thank you for another wonderful retreat. It was exactly what I needed. Even thought it was virtual, I felt so connected with you. It was as if you were physically with us listening to, encouraging, engaging, and holding us on our inward journeys. The three two-hour sessions flew by. Because of your compassion and thought provoking questions, I'm able to be truly vulnerable, go deep, and grow exponentially. You assist me with recognizing my many God-given gifts and motivate me to share them with the world. I'm a more authentic, confident, forgiving, gentle, loving person in all of my relationships and endeavors. I'm free to BE more and to let others BE. My heart overflows with gratitude and love for you, and I so appreciate all of your love and support on this life journey.

Continued Blessings,
“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”
G.K. Chesterton
“ 'Enough' is a feast.”
Buddhist proverb
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