The Gift of Being Alive
February 2021
Well, friends, it is officially birthday month again. While others don’t consider it a milestone, I definitely do. When you think about the nature of life, the spectrum of illness, the enormous number of deaths in one year, it is always another miracle to have another birthday. Please pause a minute and celebrate your own life.

The gift of being alive. The gifts which are given to the world through your being alive. I celebrate you. I normally receive various astrology, medium, and other readings during my birthday month. It was informative and fun to review some of “my” traits and to see just how much they are true.  Perhaps we’re more destined than we’re willing or able to accept. 
“Aquarians pay attention to your words, your attitude, your outlook on life, your energy & character, & most of all, the look in your eyes.”  
Source Unknown (Deal with it...)

See if you can relate, perhaps someone you know. Here’s how Aquarian women are often described:  Martha Comments in Bold.
  • Typically smart and independent. TRUE

  • Marches to the beat of her own drum. TRUE and HARD FOR MOST TO HEAR OR DISCERN

  • Requires the freedom to be who she is, as well as to think and do what she wants.  REQUIRED 

  • Cool, friendly, eccentric, and unconventional, with an equally unusual way of looking at the world. WEIRD IN A GOOD WAY

  • Strong, proactive, and radically independent. BEWARE 

  • Believes in living life with purpose. NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Has her own set of rules. ATTEMPT TO PUSH ON YOU

  • Demands equality and unlimited freedom. FOR ALL

  • Has unique ideas, morals, and standards. MAY DIFFER

  • Opinionated and will hold her own. MAY OR MAY NOT EXPRESS

  • Predictably unpredictable and stubborn. I thought my MIDDLE NAME was stubborn until I was six years old.

  • Doesn't care what others think about her. SOMETIMES

  • Won't let someone's opinion change her. EASIER OVER TIME

  • Has a "live and let live" attitude about life. YES AND FOR OTHERS 

  • Sees everything from own unique perspective. WILLING

  • Experimental and original. PIONEERING SPIRIT

  • Tomboyish look, from clothes to hair. EASIER & PRACTICAL

  • Non-conventional in every sense DIFFERENT DRUMS

  • Loves the world's people. MOST OF THEM

  • Mingles with people from all walks of life, no matter what their age or background. THEY ARE ME

  • Social, talkative, and gregarious, and can be emotionally reserved. YEP

  • Seldom allows anyone to get emotionally close. INNER WORK

  • Always ready to assist someone who is down on luck. JOIN ME IN THIS ASSIST

  • Humanitarian with ideas for improving it all. ENDLESS

  • Latches onto a cause and pursues it with relentless determination. OFTEN SILENTLY

  • Even if she's in a career, an Aquarian woman will be involved in one cause or another. ONLY ALWAYS

  • Pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable. SHOE DOESN’T ALWAYS FIT ME OR OTHERS

  • She's not particularly interested in romance and is disdainful of sentimentality. IMPRACTICAL & ENCUMBERING

  • She's hesitant and might even refuse to marry. NO “MIGHT”

  • Even after separating from a lover, she will always be her former lover's friend.  NOT THIS AQUARIAN
*The image above is from my inspirational card deck, and is available for purchase by visiting my online store,

I encourage us all to look deeply into all things in our lives to see the inherent goodness of everything. Sometimes we find it difficult to see the good in people, places, or situations. If we get too caught up looking at the world as broken, problematic, or doomed, we lose touch with our ability to sit back and simply say yes to things in our hearts. I’ve directed my “birthday gifts” to A Recipe to End Hunger and Need this year for those of you who want to donate or gift, and you're welcome to. If you are not aligned with this cause, you’re invited to skip it and the potential guilt and shame of doing so.
“Aquarians are addicted to occasional distance from the world & the people in it.”  
Source also Unknown
“You really can’t make an Aquarian want you unless they want you.”
Source (you got it...) Unknown
May we all experience the pure beauty of the process of being alive, and may we see that all things change in their own time. We don't need to force anything. If there are things that we do need to change, we create the shift easily, our hands guided by an energy that resides at the very center of our hearts. 
Now you know almost everything about me. Still love me? BE CERTAIN I LOVE YOU. 
Happy Birthday to us all. Infinite love and blessings.  Please join in the various classes and workshops, outlined on the website
 Aquarian and wholehearted love, 
martha creek
Martha Creek
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