"Change Gonna Come" 
July 2020
These times are both painful and pivotal. These are taxing times with the double pandemics of Covid-19 and long-standing violence against black and brown people. This is flooding people into differing degrees of anxiety, isolation, fear, disgust, devastation, and a dynamic, pulsing display of determination.
I've gotten extra committed recently to spend more time on what I have conviction for and more and more mindful about things that actually don't interest or spark me. I've been blessed to interview a dozen extraordinary beings this past month from diverse professions, education, callings, ideas, and practices. I've been really sparked by their wholehearted ways of living and leading in the world. I'm struck by just how many unsung heroes there are out there in the world, usually quietly going about their calling to serve humanity and divinity.
In one of the interviews I heard that a life of purpose is measured by these three things: What you are doing brings an element of joy; you are growing yourself; and you're certain that it is beneficial to others. CHECK CHECK CHECK that really speaks to my convictions. All of it.
On another interview I was encouraged to take caution in spiritual bypassing. How prone and prompt we can be at times to deny physical realities, feelings, or anything really, that is uncomfortable. Nothing good comes from this attempt to bypass. The journey through it requires a journey through it. I don't believe it's a matter of if, only when.
These times are filled with controversial and uncomfortable topics. There are plenty of opinions in the field and many that are often not followed by an action that supports it. I'm not interested in controversy. However, I accept it is part of our humanity. I'm dedicated to continue to question and examine what I'm convicted in and to NOT put my convictions off on anyone else. They/you have the right and responsibilities to question and follow your own convictions.
I've committed to teaching various courses five days a week for the month of July. I've chosen topics of deep meaning for me, including The Beatitudes,  The Five Invitations , and Critical Conversation Skills . Each of these areas of interest continue to spark me to be more and more my best self. That's what I value. All the details for how to join in is on the website,  www.marthacreek.com .
"Let my anthems become actions."  
~ Martha Creek
I've also committed to listen and/or read from the perspective of innocent people of color who have been harmed by, threatened, and held wrongly during their lives, even while serving humanity and others. This is to expand my awareness of the depth of inequality and injustice that I'm simply not aware of due to my limited experience and views. Here's an excerpt of the readings from this week: A letter to Roy. He's the black guy in my pictures.
We're asked to stay faithful to the task, to keep reaching for something better, inspired by brothers and sisters who've done exactly that. Let's "praytest" together even if you protest.

Here's a short list of commitments I have renewed this month.

  1. Listen when people of color talk about everyday racism and white privilege, carefully and respectfully, even if I disagree.
  2. Honor the feelings of all people of color in discussions.
  3. Ask plenty of questions. Earnestly seek to understand people.
  4. When I make a mistake, ask people of color how I can fix it. Offer to make it right. It's good to admit I've missed the mark of my intentions and follow that sorrow and regret with actions.
I'm launching a new series called Mentoring Moments with Martha. I've had a wonderful time interviewing these extraordinary people who are living purposeful, extraordinary lives all around me. The first one of the series is linked here: Enjoy.  Mentoring Moments with Martha: Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones
I've deepened my commitment to be closer to my own family. This stems from my desire to live without regrets or at least with fewer regrets. I have plans to lease a place to live for the first time in 16 years beginning in July. I'm clearly guided to "stay put" during this time and have been doing so the majority of 3 months now. I will be temporarily outside of Nashville, Tennessee, an area I love very much and have enjoyed living near twice before.
Change is a coming, inside us and outside us. What part of that can you accept? What part of that is dreaded or resisted? What level is your determination to be the change you want to see? Whether we agree or disagree - I support you living from your convictions.
Please join me in one of the MANY classes being offered in July. All of them are great, visit  www.marthacreek.com for details. They are listed below as well as the zoom links or registration tabs.
"Bringing things into INTEGRITY where all aspects of the organism are in support and co-operation with its wholeness. We are the organism - One living body. If the foundation is not established in an integral way, it will eventually need to be broken down and re-established. Let us deal with what is out of integrity and broken... without adding to the brokenness. Live in your own wholeness and love from that wholeness. Let your heart be strengthened and stretched. Be the new foundation."
~ Rev. Darlene Strickland
"No two leaves were alike, and yet there is no antagonism between them or between the branches on which they grow."  
~ Ghandi
I love you,
Martha Creek

Martha Creek




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