March 2020
My trip to Kenya last month was over the top. From the interactions with baby elephants, kissing giraffes and witnessing children from the slums seeing and experiencing grass for the first time. Surmise it to be "unspeakable" and surreal on many fronts. The conference was sponsored by CSL ( Center for Spiritual Living ) Kenya and I was blessed to be a presenter during the conference--with rave reviews, inspired hugs, and thank yous as the culmination of that.

We had several days of elephant, rhino and giraffe adoption, learning and care centers. You can read all about those initiatives at
Here are some of the photos and videos of the final phase of safari through the Masaai Mara savannah area--richly popular safari land.

Most of all, I was blessed to have six dear, close, long-term friends with me to witness this majesty and travel. We celebrated my 60th birthday together on the last night of the trip with pizza delivered from Domino's. The pizza owner who took my order when I called was "struck" by my way of being on the phone, and delivered the pizza himself so that he could see what I was actually like. The Friends team got to meet him and get the pizza handoff. I'm trusting that his phone impression of me was sufficient to keep him curious.

The travel and trip were extensive emotionally, physically and spiritually. Most of our group had some "symptoms" to navigate through during the trip, including flu-like symptoms of fever, chills, cough, colds, etc. Nevertheless, with extra water, rest, renewal, vitamin supplements, prayer, and the desire to be in Africa, we were all able to participate in 80% of the wonderful offerings. We all got to "Grow Ourself Up" in new and purposeful ways through the LONG, LONG airplane rides, confined spaces, lack of sleep, shared rooms, geckos, baboon and rodents all along the path. Importantly and shockingly, all of the participants spoke about how safe and secure they felt. The Masaai and other village people were 100% warm, welcoming, supporting, helpful, friendly, easy to smile, generous, willing, and apparently grateful for our visit. One of the local drivers who is very worldly and a successful female entrepreneur, stated that the Kenyan people LOVE Americans most because of how good and generous we are. I felt blessed to uphold that belief system.

I encourage you to examine your heart's desire to travel, serve, create, lead a project, visit a friend, whatever would provide your "spirit" an uplift, expansion, and blessing. If you are looking for travel support, my dear close friend Darren Wilson has had an agency for 30 years and any of the saints that work there will support you. All About Travel -- 502.245.8747.
As we look forward to the spring season, new creations, expanding potential, and the bounty of beauty that comes from new life, flowers and a big exhale, may yours be filled with delight.
"Infinite potential exists in all situations."  
~ Martha Creek
"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing."  
~ Anonymous
"When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance."  
~ Joel Osteen
Greatest of love,
Martha Creek

Martha Creek



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