Find Rest in the Middle of All Things
October 2020
Although most of us claim we "need rest," but in truth, many of us fear rest. Doctors and nurses often speak of how exhaustion is a central part of their training and how they continue to drive themselves ruthlessly at work even though they are eventually not required too. They fear that if they were to stop racing around the enormous suffering that they have witnessed, it would crash through their defenses. Parents speak about their years of being frazzled while raising children and the intense stresses involved. The majority of them believe they are responsible for their children, even though most of all things are out of their control.
We are afraid that we will be forgotten - that if we stop going all the time - the loneliness and emptiness we fear will surface. At the depth of our human fear is the belief we are alone or will be alone. So, we build a false sense of security, warding off uncertainty by making constant activity our habits and addiction.
We tell ourselves what we should be experiencing and what we shouldn't. We work hard to define ourselves, hoping that we are doing it in the right way. This constant activity is totally exhausting. Personal development easily becomes endless and effortful. We try... to be better, to be someone special, and most of all to avoid failure. There is a certain aggression in all this so-called self-improvement. Better to return to the true intention of sabbath rest, which is to let go of the striving, to embrace things as they are, and with equanimity, to discover freedom.

Rest is found when we are present instead of letting our minds wander aimlessly through the hallways of fear, worry, and anxiousness. Rest is always accessible for us when we make conscious contact with our Source, Higher Power, breath, or whatever we call Creator.

To know rest is not to experience new things, but rather to see things in a new way. Rest is not separate or different from all practical doing things; the potential for rest is hidden in all things.
"Rest is opportunity for conscious contact with God." 
~ Martha Creek
Rest can be experienced in various ways. Deep silence can be very restorative and silence is not merely a pause between sounds. It is an inner quietness felt in the heart. Rest is way beyond kicking back in the recliner in front of the phone or television. It's clear that we have a new-found exhaustion from all the social media addictions as well as too much vegging out. I'm in a month-long boot camp to work at finding rest in the middle of all things. What are some creative ways you can find rest this week, this month and beyond? What potential do you see for you if you restore your energy and vitality? I delight at the potential of it. Richest blessings as rest. Practice with me - Let it Be!
Practice makes... Progress. Praising our progress. Resting on purpose. Sending you gigantic love and hugs,
Martha Creek

Martha Creek



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"Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions."
~ Mark Twain
"All work is an act of philosophy." 
~  Ayn Rand
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