Endings & Beginnings
September 2020
This is the month that momma passed, died, transitioned, moved on to her next adventure, left us, checked out, faded, ashes to ashes-dust to dust. What terms do you use for death? Better yet - why is it you use that term? Is it to comfort you? Keep you in denial? Cushion the grief? Bewilderment? Perhaps we've never paused to see what we actually believe about what's next.
I feel as close to momma as I ever did or have. That was the case too when my daddy died and my baby brother Randy. I have eternal and infinite connections with each of them. We no longer have any natural tensions and emotional dynamic boogers.
I get a Facebook memory photo nearly every week of our life and living. It is filled with friends, flowers, food, and wholehearted ways of being. I am unspeakably grateful for this connection.

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For the first time in sixteen years, I have unpacked my suitcase and trunk to actually "live" somewhere. I rented a house that already feels like a home in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. The plan is to be here one year. Life will determine if that is true or illusion. It is spacious, light, open, and inviting. It will easily, comfortably and lavishly accommodate friends and family for any occasion, once we can gather freely again. Watch the videos and see if you can guess what my favorite part is?
Welcome to my New Home!!!

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"Infinity, eternity - both/and. I pray to embody this." 
~ Martha Creek
Can you guess my favorite part of this new house beginning? You already know it is NOT the kitchen, although it is extraordinary. My very favorite part is how QUIET it is. Honestly, the quietest place on the earth. Surreal. Shockingly quiet in the best of ways. I am clear that my life is here to serve my own soul's evolution, through serving those who serve, getting empowered teachings to all of humanity and most importantly to REALIZE the divinity in all things. It's a direction to go in, not a destination.
I witness endings and beginnings in my life and the lives of many on a daily basis. I witness the depth of courage and love that is not to be understood. The mystery of human capacity for both is mind-blowing and extremely inspiring. It is nothing short of a miracle to bear the simultaneous dissolving and becoming with all the emotional, spiritual, and psychological binds and bonds of the human heart.
May you be uplifted and set free to fully embrace, include, allow, accept and witness the full spectrum of living and dying. May you live FULLY today, accepting that death is imminent and perhaps, just perhaps the actual beginning.
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I hold you in my heart, prayers and thoughts. I'm grateful for you all.
Martha Creek

Martha Creek




"When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense."
~ Kahlil Gibrán, Sand and Foam</span>
"You'll never get a new ending if you keep starting with the same tired beginning." 
~  Lisa Daily, Single-Minded
"It feels as though the beginning and the end are intertwined, thus leading to a never-ending cycle. Surely this will not be the end. Just as it can't be considered the beginning. Just as it can't be determined where the beginning or the end is." 
~ Eunjin Jang, No One Writes Back
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