Marty McCarthy’s Article Entitled
12 Financial Strategies for Construction Contractors
is Published in Construction Executive’s
Managing Your Business
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My article entitled 12 Financial Strategies for Construction Contractors was published on June 28, 2017 in Construction Executive’s e-newsletter Managing Your Business. Both are published by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).

In the article, I introduce strategies that you can implement to save money, increase margins, improve cash flow, and operate more efficiently. I recommend that you:
  1. Change payment terms.
  2. Bill ahead of costs.
  3. Give a discount for paying within 30-days.
  4. Charge interest on late payments.
  5. Consider leasing or financing new equipment.
  6. Manage material costs.
  7. Plan for the timely delivery of materials.
  8. Managing productivity.
  9. Track productivity trends over time.
  10. Use retainage funds to your advantage.
  11. Discuss loan covenants.
  12. Assess your tax elections.

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While all of these strategies are effective, there are many others to consider. Please feel free to contact me at 610.828.1900 or to discuss which strategies would make the biggest impact on your cash flow and productivity. I am always happy to help you make more money and grow your business.

Martin C. McCarthy, CPA
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