Welcome to our community profile blog!
In this new section of our
newsletter we will feature local community members, artists, or events that we feel bring greatness to our community.
We hope to spotlight events and people that we can all relate to, learn from and bring all of us closer together as a community.

This month for our community profile piece we are featuring Marvin Pauls,
Art Educator and Artist.

Marvin Pauls is a local artist and recently retired Hellgate High School Art teacher. Marvin taught Art at Hellgate High School starting in 1992 and retired this year.

Marvin studied Architecture and Art in college and has a lot of stories to share about his 29 years of teaching students at Hellgate High School. Marvin took the time to sit down with us last week and tell us how teaching, art, and students have changed over the years. Almost 3 decades of experience, we think he has seen a lot.

Marvin spent his time as a teacher encouraging students to think outside the box, to take risks with their art and to try to see things in a different way. He has a certain way of nurturing students' growth through art. He encouraged students to carry sketch books for honing and exploring their ideas and abilities..."art by accident" is a phrase used by Marvin, meaning you never know where your art will go. He taught his students about the blurry lines of what art actually is. He engaged with his students and introduced different ideas and mediums into their art.

Marvin has been loved by his students for decades. One particular class raised enough money to buy Marvin a ticket to go to the Parliment Funk concert at the Adams center. They took a jar labeled "Send Mr. Pauls to Parliment Funk" around school and got donations to buy him a ticket. If that doesn't say it all!

At Frame of Mind we have really enjoyed working with Mr. Pauls and hosting art shows in our gallery for the Hellgate High School art students.
Marvin's Art

Along with being an art teacher, Marvin is also a fantastic artist. His favorite medium is print making, however, he leans more toward collagraph.
Collagraph is derived from the Greek ‘colla’, meaning glue, and ‘graph,’ meaning to draw. A collograph is essentially a collage of materials of various textures glued on to a printing plate, often a thin wood or cardboard.
The plate is inked up, usually by hand, and then printed onto paper either manually or via a press. It is a form of relief printing that allows artists to create interesting marks and tonal effects due to the use of different materials – anything from lace to leaves, fabrics, card, yarn and so on. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other printing processes, such as etching.
Collagraphs, due to the delicate nature of the card or thin wood plate, are often monoprints or short varied editions.
We are excited for Marvin and his new chapter of retirement. We are looking forward to the new art he will create and hope to have a solo show with him in our gallery in the future.
This month in our Gallery we are hosting our Annual Juried Art Expo where you can see 3 works of Marvin's on display.
1706 Brooks Street
Missoula, MT 59801