We’re pleased to share that Foundation President and CEO Marvin I. Schotland penned a meaningful op-ed recently published in the Jewish Journal entitled, “As Nonprofits Confront Immediate Existential Threat, the Future Is Now."

It states that "COVID-19 has pushed vulnerable populations further to the margins and dealt a punch to nonprofit organizations across the nation…” and that “...nonprofits are going to retrench and require as much assistance as possible along the way." He notes that The Foundation has redirected the entirety of our 2020 institutional grantmaking — $8.3 million in total, the largest amount ever to a single cause — to COVID-19 response. (Read more about our most recent $3 million in COVID-19 Response Grants here.)
During this tumultuous time, we are proud to support numerous nonprofits in their essential work locally and in Israel.

With our gratitude, we wish you a healthy and safe 2021.