May 2022 at the Shrine
A Reflection from Sister Sharon Casey, MSC
Easter time greetings and blessings to each of you,
Elements of surprise, delight, rapid responding and a willingness to
re-organize capture my experience of what occurred in me during a brief phone call while I was actively planning my return trip to Melbourne. I have been serving in the Mission of Cabrini Australia for the past 13 years. 
Sr Barbara Staley, our General Superior, called me saying there was a need at The National Shrine of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini for a pastoral presence. Immediately, my soul leapt in joy; the phrase “pastoral presence” caused my joy. 
The word “need” also struck me - it is key for an MSC, Cabrini Sister. It certainly has been both at the center of many of my small decisions as well as major life- altering discernments. 
Things worked out in favor of me coming to Chicago to serve as a pastoral presence in the National Shrine of St FX Cabrini for two months. In mid-June I will go to Rome to assist in the liturgical work for the General Chapter. 
I’m Sr Sharon Casey, an MSC for the last 50 years. Throughout these years pastoral presence was often part of the activity in various ministries yet, studying and applying Pastoral Skills, offered me the insight and honed my relational skills enabling me to be a companion / pastoral presence to those on their own sacred journeys. I am pleased to be present here during the Easter and Pentecost seasons. 
The Easter Sunday Mass at the Shrine was attended by many people which is uplifting. It supports our cornerstone belief that Jesus conquered death and rose in glory. He also remained on earth appearing to the Apostles and disciples through locked doors and in unexpected places in order to help them experience what he taught them while with Him. 
Jesus is alive! We know He shows Himself to us and comes to us in myriad ways! On Easter Tuesday, Jesus arrived in an unexpected large group of Pilgrims. The Shrine staff was surprised, delighted and rapidly reorganized our plans to be present to these delightful men and women. Let us continue to welcome Jesus in the circumstances of our lives. 
May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you!

Sister Sharon Casey, MSC
Pastoral Associate
Shrine Updates from Interim Director,
Barb Willis
Dear Friends of the Shrine,

We have been very busy behind the scenes, focused on several specific areas identified as most important to the future of the Shrine.

One target area is programming, guided by last year's survey, so that we may offer the most meaningful events and opportunities for faith and fellowship.

We are committed to being open more hours, including some evening hours, and will be adding at least one additional Mass on a weekday evening.

Our volunteers are an integral part of this organization, and we are in the process of centralizing their interests and creating a more formal program for them. As more programs are created, our need for volunteers will only increase, especially in the arena of "Docent Apostles".

INFO WEEKEND: Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22. Your ideas and comments are very important to us, and we would like to hear more! Remain with us after the Vigil Mass for wine and cheese and let us know what is on your mind. If you come to Mass on Sunday morning, stick around for bagels and coffee and do the same. We will be here to listen.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, July 16. We are planning a joint celebration here at the Shrine of Mother Cabrini's Jubilee anniversary of canonization (July 7) and her birthday (July 15). We promise a beautiful evening.

As new programs, hours, Masses and events are finalized, we will provide the information to you right away.

My best to you always,
Barbara Willis
Interim Executive Director
The Shrine is open and available for group tours and retreats.
For more information please visit our website at
The Shrine will be very busy in May. We are expecting visitors and pilgrims from Catholic Church Tours, Tours R Us LLC, Holy Name Cathedral's Padre Pio Prayer Group, a New Jersey group led by a priest, students and their chaperones from St. Frances Cabrini School in Wisconsin, and the House of Good Shepherd.
But, we still have room for you! Give us a call or click the above link.
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We are blessed to have a Jubilee Year from November 13, 2021 to November 13, 2022,
with the opportunity to receive a
Plenary Indulgence
by making a pilgrimage to the Shrine.

Please visit the Jubilee page on our website for information on how to receive an indulgence.
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