Issue 11 - February 2020
Mary, The Cause of Our Joy!
Month of Our Lady of Lourdes - February 2020
On the Philadelphia Mass Circuit
Statue of St. Anthony outside of St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware, located along the Philadelphia Mass Circuit- a Church built for the Traditional Latin Mass!
In that same St. Anthony of Padua Church, in Wilmington, a lovely statue of Our Lady still remains.

How appropriate that a church dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, the "Hammer of Heretics," also houses a lovely image of Her whose delicate foot easily crushes the infernal Serpent, the Father of Lies.
Also in the same Church, a rare and beautiful statue of St. Therese of Lisieux at the foot of Our Lady, receiving from Her holy hands, the roses that are promised to those that invoke this holy saint, fulfilling her sweet prophecy, "I will spend my heaven in doing good upon earth."
'Postcards' from San Diego!
Mr. And Mrs. Vince and Gloria Nussey, with "Mr. Darcy." It is in their San Diego home [below] that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is often offered.
May God bless them abundantly.
A visit with Fr. Reginald DeFour while in San Diego!

A brief introduction:

Fr. DeFour was born in Trinidad on January 6, 1934.

When he was 18 months old, he was severely sick with dysentery. The doctor told his mother if he vomited just one more time from this debilitating disease, he would die. His mother prayed to our Blessed Mother and promised if She saved him, "I will offer him to you!"

Young Reginald attended St. Mary's College in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad, run by the Holy Ghost Fathers. Other notable alumni of this college were the first Archbishop of Trinidad and the first President of Trinidad.

The then-Mr. DeFour entered the novitiate of the Holy Ghost Fathers in 1954 at the age of twenty years old. He made his profession in 1955 and was ordained a priest in 1964 at the Holy Rosary Church in Port of Spain.

While he was in the seminary, he also studied the French Canadian Province of the Holy Ghost Fathers in Quebec. It was there Fr. DeFour met Archbishop Lefebvre as the Archbishop was visiting the area in his role as the Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers. Fr. DeFour relates that "what struck me the most about Archbishop Lefebvre was that he was very soft-spoken and very humble."
Fr. DeFour also relates that at the close of the Second Vatican Council, Archbishop Lefebvre was still the Superior of the Holy Ghost Fathers. These Fathers wanted to impose the aggiornamento of Vatican II. Archbishop Lefebvre asked them, "Do you want me to impose it or do you want someone else?" Fr. DeFour remarks that the Holy Ghost Fathers knew Archbishop Lefebvre would not bring in this "updating" of the Order with the spirit of the world, so they requested someone else. It was shortly after this that Archbishop Lefebvre resigned as Superior General of the Order.

Fr. DeFour now lives in Southern California.
Also in San Diego, a lovely Bird of Paradise flower in full February!
On the West Coast Mass Circuit

This statue of the Sorrowful Heart of Mary belongs to a family of faithful visited by Father Hewko on the West Coast Mass Circuit.

This sweet but sorrowful Mother has been further adorned by it's devoted owners with a realistic crown of thorns and three nails.

As we journey with the Church throughout Her Liturgical Year, the Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be frequently in our thoughts as we soon enter into the Season of Lent!
A Visit to the Montana Rockies
These snow-frosted mountains in Montana greet Fr. Hewko in his travels to the town of West Glacier, where a sweet little one is awaiting the Sacrament of Baptism.
God bless the newest member of the Dalimata family!
Letter from Father Hewko
February 2020

Why is Mary called: “The Cause of Our Joy?”

One of Our Lady’s invocations in Her Litany is: “Cause of Our Joy,” “ Causa nostrae laetitiae !” How is this?

Eve was the mother of the human race that plunged, along with the sin of Adam, the whole of humanity into the valley of tears, cursed with thorns and separation from God.

The “Second Eve,” the Blessed Virgin Mary, was the chosen vessel of election that would bring the only way out of this valley of tears, turn our thorns to roses and re-bind man to God!

Her role as the Mediatrix of all graces and Co-Redemtrix is not superficial! In every step of Our Lord’s Life, from His Conception to His Ascension into Heaven, you will always find Our Lady! Out of Her blood in Her virginal womb, Our Lord Jesus Christ took His tiny beating Heart; His hands and feet; His Sacred Face and Body, which would be nailed, scourged, crowned with thorns, violently kicked, and die, poured out on the Cross. She prepared the Body of the Victim, the Lamb of God, to be brutally slaughtered, in order to save souls from Hell!

Almighty God could have chosen any other way to assume human flesh, but He chose to do so through the Virgin Mary. He wants Her intimately intertwined with the whole work of Redemption.

The Redemption brought true joy back to souls, who all had been excluded from Heaven and chained as slaves to sin and Satan. By opening the gates of heaven, remitting sin by His Precious Blood and giving those of good will a participation in the very Life of the Holy Trinity, by sanctifying grace, Christ poured out the love of His Sacred Heart.

As we see Our Lady carrying the Divine Infant in Her womb for nine months; then carrying Him as a Baby in Bethlehem; then as a Boy from Egypt; enjoying His company as a young Man in Nazareth; fulfilling the house chores for St. Joseph and Our Lord as a grown Man; then precipitating His first miracle at Cana which would lead, three years later, to holding His mangled Body, at the foot of the Cross; then filled with joy at His Resurrection and Ascension – always, everywhere we find Mary! These Two Hearts burn together for the glory of God and salvation of souls!

Because of Her humble cooperation, this “Handmaid” is exalted as the Cause of our joy! She is the cause of the joy of the angels and men and delight of God Himself, for which He has exalted Her above them all! “Blessed art thou, O Virgin Mary, by the Lord the most High God, above all women upon the earth!” [Antiphon 4, for Lauds of Immaculate Conception.]

Her role doesn’t stop there! She is the Spouse of the Holy Ghost, Who first effused over Her His fiery flames at Pentecost, then on to the Apostles. She was Mother to the Apostles and nurtured the infant Church, until the day of Her Assumption.

From Heaven, She is ever attentive and intercedes for the Church Militant and Church Suffering. She even appeared countless times on earth, working miracles, calling us to prayer and penance and warning us of the "Good Friday" of the Church.

She spoke at Quito of Archbishop Lefebvre, the Prelate at the end of the 20 th Century, “My very beloved son, whom My most Holy Son and I love, with the love of predilection, who is to revive the spirit of Her priests ; for we shall endow him with extraordinary skill, humility of heart, docility towards divine inspirations, fortitude to defend the rights of the Church , and a tender and compassionate heart, so that, like another Christ, he may attend to the great and the small without disdain for the most wretched who come, in doubt and bitterness, to seek the light of his counsel; and so that, with divine suavity, he may guide the souls consecrated to the divine services in the cloisters, without making the yoke of the Lord heavy for them, for He Himself said, ‘My yoke is sweet and My burden is light.’ In his hand shall be placed the scale of the sanctuary, so that all may be done with weight and measure, and that God may be glorified.

Our Blessed Mother pointed to the one prelate to guide us in this darkness, as Archbishop Lefebvre said often: “Neither Modernist, nor schismatic!” We are to hold fast to Tradition, with no compromise or false agreements, until Rome returns to Tradition.

At Fatima and La Salette She raises our hopes and promises Her victory over the Masonic World Order, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!”

Always, in sorrows and blessings, She remains the Cause of Our Joy!

O Mary, Cause of our Joy, pray for us!

W hat we had lost through hapless Eve,
The Blossom sprung from these restores,
And, granting bliss to souls that grieve,
Unbars the everlasting doors.

O Gate, through which hath passed the King.
O Hall, whence Light shone through the gloom;
The ransomed nations praise and sing
Life given from the Virgin womb.

A ll honor, laud, and glory be,
O Jesu, Virgin-born, to Thee;
All glory, as is ever meet,
To Father and to Paraclete.

[Hymn O Gloriosa virginum ]
In Christ the King,

Fr. David Hewko
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