Issue 2 - Holy Week 2019
Mary, The Cause of Our Joy!
Holy Week 2019 - The Sacred Triduum
Hubbardston, Massachusetts
Holy Thursday
Washing of the Feet
Solemn Evening Mass
Fr. Hewko leading a
Holy Hour in front of the Altar of Repose
Good Friday
The Ecce Lignum Crucis
Veneration of the Cross
Fr. Hewko kisses the feet of the Crucifix
Easter Vigil
Lighting of the Paschal Candle
Lumen Christi
Immersion of the
Paschal Candle into the Easter Water Font
Blessing with Easter Water
Easter Midnight Mass
Candlelit Midnight Mass
Elevation of the Host
Elevation of the Chalice
A Happy 27th Holy Ordination Anniversary to
Fr. Hewko - April 21st, 1992
A Surprise Celebration of Fr. Hewko's Ordination Anniversary
Fr. Hewko forgot that his Ordination Anniversary fell on Easter this year!
Father did the honors of cutting the cake.
Dear Catholics Faithful to Tradition,

   Even if no one seems to listen and the world seems not to care, it is Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Catholic Tradition that remain the only true Light for this darkness! So, persevere! Remain "the true friends of the people" as St. Pius X called you! True friends are those who lay down their lives and reputation, who are abandoned by relatives, friends, social esteem, and who willingly give up this world's empty glory for Christ the King. His Glory is what matters first and foremost! "Blessed are you when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, FOR MY SAKE: be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in Heaven!" (Mt. V: 11).

  Souls in the coming generation and 6th age of the Church, which will see the revival of the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world (brought about through the Immaculate Heart of Mary), will genuinely thank you for passing down the Faith, for persevering in the long-distance drives to the True Mass, enduring mockery for fidelity to your marriage vows and Christian modesty and the many examples of virtue! Indeed, "the true friends of the people are not the revolutionaries" who work to overthrow and burn all that is left of Christendom; "nor the innovators," such as the Socialists, Ecumenical-Modernists, Christ-less modern Democracy, or even Muslim resurgence; but specifically those who wholeheartedly uphold the Kingship of Christ! This is what Abp. Lefebvre spent his whole life doing! This is what all the faithful old priests and courageous laity defended when kicked out of their Novus Ordo parishes! This is what all the Martyrs bled for! This is why Our Lady of Fatima begged us to fight with Her weapons of the Rosary and Scapular! It is all for Her Divine Son and His Glory!

   "The true friends of the people are neither the revolutionaries, nor the innovators: but those faithful to Tradition!" (St. Pius X, "Our Apostolic Mandate" 1910). Dear friends, in this war we are never retired veterans. Only after our death will any scars be counted and incorruptible trophies handed out. Until then, persevere in the Battle for the Holy Faith!

   In Mary, the Cause of our joy!
   Fr. David Hewko