Issue 8 - October 2019
Mary, The Cause of Our Joy!
Season of Pentecost: October 2019
Masses in the Northeast U.S.
The 60th Wedding Anniversary of Mr.& Mrs. Tom & Bonnie Masssett in Syracuse, New York. They were instrumental in bringing the first Society priests to mid-State New York in the mid-1980's. The then-Fr. Williamson offered the first Mass in the Union Hall, in 1985.
Masses in the Northwest U.S.

First Holy Communion of Joseph Ortega in Veneta, Oregon on the 1st Saturday of September, 2019.
The 30th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boulware from Gig Harbor, WA.
Mike Dalimata takes care of his handicapped wife, Patty, married for 45 years. On the side, he makes Montana hand-made buck knives. Here, Mike displays some of them, after her received Holy Communion.

This one (close up) is made from Damascus steel which has 420 layers of 2 different kinds of steel, making it unbreakable! He uses some of the antlers from local bucks as handles.
Masses in Alberta, Canada

Baptism of a little girl in the Skin Family from the borders of Alberta and British Columbia in Canada. Indeed, the Catholic Faith of All Time is universal! Mr. Skin is of the native Indians, geographically close to the Alaskan Eskimos!
While in Canada, Fr. Hewko was able to visit some Ukrainian relatives in Vegreville, Alberta. Of great interest, are the monuments of the Holy Catholic Faith (of the Ukrainian Catholic Rite) brought in the pioneer days to these parts of Canada.
Pictured here is the Ukrainian Easter egg, called the " Pasanka ", with symbols representing Our Lord's Life, Death and Resurrection, bigger than life size! It is the symbol of the town of Vegreville, where every summer they still host the Ukrainian festivals featuring the Ukrainian Cossack dances, food, and farm life.
The first Basilian priests arrived in 1902. Shortly after them, came the nuns, seminarians, and the Monastery of St. Basil where the monks prayed, tilled the land, and worked hard. The priests would make the rounds of Mass circuits on horse to mission churches such as this one of St. John the Baptist, out in the country, 10 miles south of Mundare.
Mundare was the base from which the priests went out on Mass circuits. Similar to how Abp. Lefebvre established priories, from where the priests would bring Mass to the missions.
Statues of St. Basil the Great and St. Josephat at the once thriving seminary to form priests for the Ukrainian Catholic Rite. The Basilian Fathers made vows of chastity and followed the Holy Rule of St. Basil. Now nearly empty, it shows how it wasn't just the Roman Rite that was devastated by the disaster of Vatican Council II!
The cemetery of Sts. Peter and Paul in Mundare, Alberta, has most of the early Ukrainian Catholic pioneers who brought the Faith from Ukraine in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Pictured here are some tombs of the priests. Behind them are buried the numerous nuns and in the front are buried 2 bishops. Some of these priests survived the Gulag Communist concentration camps. The priests there, were given the most repulsive jobs such as burning the dead bodies of the prisoners, since Siberia was too frozen to bury them! One priest who survived this said he could never eat barbecued food again after this trauma.
On the same grounds lie a baseball field and a big parish hall for parish events.
Masses in Philadelphia

A First Communion in Philadelphia, PA. Little Noel Troncoso happy to receive His Divine Savior for the first time!
If any of you appreciate the recordings of Fr. John O'Connor, Fr. Gregory Hesse and Fr. Malachi Martin, a lot of them are thanks to this man! John Maffei, in his eighties and still going strong! In his early years John was involved with some of the filming of Archbishop Fulton Sheen and even indirectly helped in the filming of the first "Rocky" movie in Philadelphia! The voice heard interviewing Fr. Gregory Hesse in many of the videos available now, is John Maffei's.

Thank God Mr. Maffei had some foresight, because Fr. Hesse exposes Vatican II, with its numerous errors and heresies, and blasts it the way it deserves! They helped show Abp. Lefebvre was absolutely right! Why would the Conciliar-SSPX now want to abandon the clear Catholic stand of Abp. Lefebvre, when it's even more crucial now than ever? Nevertheless, the Catholic Faith of Tradition will carry on! "The gates of Hell will not prevail!"
Letter from Father Hewko
Dear Faithful, Fighting in one of the Greatest Battles of the Church Militant History, 

Many of you may have noticed the recent publication of the book, " As We Are? - 101 Compromises, Changes and Contradictions of an SSPX in Pursuit of a Practical Accord with Modernist Rome ," by Sean Johnson. It is very well documented and presented. It calmly refutes the response of many who argue that "Nothing has changed, everything is the same!" Hopefully, it will be an eye-opener for souls, especially for the priests of the Society, who may have been too buried in apostolic activity to really see the calamity and betrayal that has happened. But it has happened! That's a tragic fact!

May it help arouse from slumber the numbness of many Traditional Catholics to pick up the weapons of the Holy Faith again, and engage in the real Battle for Catholic Tradition! How many Catholics in the '70's and '80's didn't like the changes and compromises, but, not praying and doing something about it, they just comfortably slid along, to eventually losing the Faith altogether! They would see the priest facing the people when it was never done before, then Communion in the hand but still: "Nothing has changed, everything is the same! At least Fr. Bob prays the Rosary and has candles in front of the statues!" Then came altar girls, and the fanfare of Eucharistic Ministresses, but: "At least Pope John Paul II is against abortion!" Then came the rock n' roll Masses, folk Masses, Rainbow Masses, but: "Well, at least, my parish has the Indult Mass between two Novus Ord o Masses!" On and on, goes the gradual loss of the Faith, in stages of numbness.

The same is happening now, with the Catholic people of our generation! Maybe, it is true, in Traditional circles it's not the shocking trends of the first wave of the Liturgical Revolution that were far more visible to the eye, but nevertheless, it is the very PRINCIPLES, the DOCTRINES and the FAITH that are being changed, which is less visible to the eye, but just as deadly to the souls! In fact, it is far more toxic and poisonous because it comes, as Our Lord warned, "as wolves in sheep's clothing", meaning, it is the same Revolution of Vatican II , but dressed in traditional vestments, familiar Latin hymns and incense! It's the "Motu Proprio" of 2007! It's the Doctrinal Declaration of April 15, 2012! It's the General Chapter Statement of 2012! It's the Six Conditions binding the SSPX to an accord with Modernist Rome! It's the maneuvers of being "granted" jurisdiction for marriages, confessions and holy orders by Pope Francis! It's the new tactics and maneuvers that have duped almost all of us, the very ones Abp. Lefebvre warned us about! It is, indeed, the wolves in sheep's clothing!

Let's not just stop at the compromises surfacing more and more in the now-Conciliar-SSPX, the powers of Hell are far too intelligent for that. Let's learn from history. The Communist tactics have a Luciferian logic. They do work. Namely, the Communists themselves, set up the Resistance to the first implementing of the Revolution, so those who react against it, can be eventually won over to the Revolution, but in a more gradual, less shocking, conservative manner! In this way, what appeared to be the "Resistance" to the Revolution, is in fact, an integral part of the Revolution! History is repeating itself and we have not learned!

So, Sean Johnson may have done a great service with his " Catalogue, " but we will be waiting for Volume II! By this, I don't mean the additions to the already 101 proofs that he lists and are still counting! But what about the changes, compromises and contradictions of the Fake Resistance? Why the silence about these? Why the turning away the eyes from the obvious poison to souls that needs to be pointed out, as well? The Fake Resistance is a reality fulfilling a definite role in the steps of the ongoing Revolution, and that role is to silence the opposition, diffuse the real Catholic Resistance of Abp. Lefebvre and lead the good-willed souls in the exact same direction of the Conciliar-SSPX . This is indeed what is happening! I know of priests of the Fake "Resistance" who have actually advised souls to go to the New Mass because of this teaching!

So, we await Volume II of the " Catalogue " to show the contradictions to Abp. Lefebvre who said, for example, the New Mass is sterile and doesn't give grace [1], while the Fake Resistance promotes that it does, and Sean Johnson himself, even wrote a whole defense of this indefensible position several years ago! Where is the exposition on the noxious teaching that "You can go to the New Mass if it nourishes your Faith?" ...What faith? Certainly not the Catholic Faith! Where's the exposing of the Fake Resistance promoting New Mass miracles, trad-Ecumenism, etc.? 

It was the great Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre who taught us that we must oppose even the Roman Pontiff, as St. Paul did Pope St. Peter, when he was erring, or whenever the Faith is under attack. How is it that, now, we can resist the errors of these Vatican II Popes , resist the errors of the Modernist diocesan bishops , resist the errors of Bishop Fellay and the leaders of the Conciliar-SSPX, and yet hold silence when it comes to the errors of Bp. Williamson ? Errors are errors. Poison is poison. It must be denounced publicly, no matter who it comes from, that applies to me as well! The shepherds' duty is to hand down the Faith, feed the flock with the nourishing doctrine and sacraments of Tradition and warn against poisonous weeds and cunning wolves. Why the silence on something so obvious? Why the pretended silence, when everyone knows Abp. Lefebvre has condemned such misleading teachings?

Truly, the Fake Resistance is just another arm of the Revolution to lead as many souls as possible into the Conciliar thinking! It shows the four bishops have abandoned the position of Abp. Lefebvre. The four bishops, who, themselves, under no coercion, in 2009 requested the lifting of their "Badge of Catholicism", their "Badge of Honor", the so-called "Excommunications of '88", and are now content to be numbered amongst the "approved" and "normalized" of the revolutionary Conciliar Church. How have they all caved in? How did this happen? Abp. Lefebvre stood like a boulder in a torrent. Abp. Lefebvre still stands "excommunicated" from this Conciliar aberration. That is where we must stand also. "It is, therefore, a strict duty for every priest [and faithful!] wishing to remain Catholic to separate himself from this Conciliar Church ..." said Abp. Lefebvre ( Spiritual Journey
p. xiii). We all hope and pray that at least one of the four will return to the initial reason why they were consecrated by Abp. Lefebvre! "But I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first charity" (Apocalypse 2:4 ).

" But, where is your respect, this is Bp. Williamson your talking about!

Yes, and for Abp. Lefebvre, he publicly corrected two Popes, the Sovereign Pontiff himself, the highest authority on earth! For years it has been necessary for Catholics to resist their local diocesan bishops! Now, it's Bp. Fellay and Bp. Williamson for the Resistance Catholics. St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that to correct a superior in matters of the Faith (and not just for secondary reasons) it is a duty. It is a great act of charity for him, as well! For, if the superior heeds the respectful correction of his inferiors, it helps him as well as those governed! So the whole common good is affected for the better and all benefit from it!

Imagine if just one of these bishops stood clearly like Abp. Lefebvre, with no compromises, no political agendas, or games! What a grace and refreshment for the troops in the trenches! What a grace for souls and the whole Church Militant? What an encouragement for struggling families! Even further, let's take it to the top. Just imagine a Pope who would finally do his duty, like a St. Pius X, what a grace! To us, it seems almost unimaginable!

Dear Members of the Church Militant, let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling, knowing how easily any of us could fall. Let us pray for all the hierarchy of the Church. But, nevertheless, stand strong in the Faith, with the true Catholic Resistance! Stand in the line of the Ancient Magisterium and Abp. Lefebvre! We cannot go wrong there! Stand firm in that clear doctrinal position of Abp. Lefebvre, who truly handed down what he received, and hold fast without compromise, until Rome returns to Tradition! Abp. Lefebvre's position is no secret. This is no sudden, new revelation. It is the old position of the Traditional-SSPX, the Catholic Church's teaching of All Time! "Jesus answered him: I have spoken openly to the world: I have always taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither all the Jews resort; and in secret I have spoken nothing" ( John 18:20) . We must oppose error from wherever it comes, and beg Our Lady with Her powerful Rosary, to be found faithful when Rome does, at last, come back to Tradition! May we be found fighting when, finally! the Pope consecrates Russia as Our Lady asked, then "it will not be us coming back to the Church, but the authorities in Rome coming back to the Catholic Church, where we have always stood ! " (Abp. Lefebvre, 1988. Fideliter , No. 68, p. 16).

In Christ the King,

Fr. David Hewko

[1] "The current problem of the Mass is an extremely serious problem for the Holy Church. I believe that if the dioceses and seminaries and works that are currently done are struck with sterility, it is because the recent deviations drew upon us the Divine curse. All the efforts that are made to hang onto what is being lost, to reorganize, to reconstruct, rebuild, all that is struck with sterility, because we no longer have the true source of holiness, which is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Profaned as it is, it no longer gives grace, it no longer makes grace pass! " (Archbishop Lefebvre, Priestly retreat, August 1972)

[This is only one of many such quotes!]