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WRAP is the Wellness Recovery Action Plan

 March Special !
"WRAP Plus"
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"WRAP Plus" is an extensive revision of Mary Ellen Copeland's earlier book, "Living Without Depression and Manic Depression".  It provides in-depth discussion of the Key Concepts of Mental Health Recovery, the latest information on developing and using a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (including vignettes from people who use WRAP), and detailed descriptions of some of the most popular Wellness Tools.  It also addresses issues related to trauma and lifestyle.

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I watch movies and documentaries on cable TV. I TiVo the good ones so I always have a choice. I pay extra for several movie channels because they are important Wellness Tools for me. I write every day, read non-fiction books, and articles people send me or post on Facebook. Since I live alone, and so many of my activities are solitary, I sometimes like taking myself and a book out to breakfast or lunch, or doing my computer work in a wi-fi place, rather than home alone.   Anonymous


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Monday, April 9 - Friday, April 13, 2012
Hilton Chicago ~ Chicago, IL

Spend five days with Copeland Center staff, Matthew Federici and Gina Calhoun, learning to become an effective Mental Health Recovery Educator and WRAP Group facilitator.
This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a WRAP Facilitator!

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New Book!
by Mary Ellen Copeland 
   for the Effects of Trauma
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I have always suspected that the mental health challenges I have faced in my life, and those that affect so many other people, were actually caused by the "bad things", or trauma, that they had experienced.  This book is an adaptation of the basic WRAP program for people who recognize trauma as the cause of their mental health difficulties. This book contains lots of information and examples that are specific to addressing issues related to trauma, with information from people like you, who are working on their wellness and recovery.
Wishing you a rewarding recovery journey,
                       Mary Ellen Copeland


                  Did you know?
 WRAP is now available in Spanish!

        Wellness Recovery Action Plan:

             Plan de Acci�n para
la Recuperaci�n del Bienestar

Ahora disponible en espa�ol

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WRAP Around the World
          Free Webinar with Mary Ellen Copeland:   
   WRAP for the Effects of Trauma       
March 22   2pm -3 pm DST

Author, educator and mental health advocate, Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, will be speaking on how to frame a personal Wellness Recovery Action Plan for healing from the effects of trauma.

Dr. Copeland's own acceptance of trauma as the basis for her mental health difficulties has changed her path.  In this webinar, she will share with you many of the skills and strategies that have been helpful to her in her recovery.

This webinar is an adaptation of the basic WRAP program for people who recognize or suspect trauma to be the cause of their mental health difficulties. It will include information specific to the experience of being a trauma survivor. Dr. Copeland will give you examples of signs of distress that may be trauma-related, and lots of ideas for Wellness Tools and Action Plans that work. It can be a personal guide to recovery and wellness whether you are developing your WRAP with a group or on your own. She will describe comprehensive instructions for developing your WRAP, and in-depth descriptions of some of the most common Wellness Tools. This webinar will contain lots of information and examples that are specific to addressing issues related to trauma and information from people who are working on their wellness and recovery.

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